• Allison Lee

    Allison Lee

    I am so excited to kick off a new year! 

    I began my teaching career 13 years ago in Colorado teaching elementary music and then high school choir and drama until we moved our family to Oregon where I taught 4 years of choir, drama, and orchestra at Wood Middle School in Wilsonville--and now I cannot express how excited I am to be here at the start of our new school!  I have always been passionate about music and theater! No one could stop me from singing from a young age, so my parents started me on violin at age 5 and musicals were always a part of our family culture.  I remember the first time I knew I wanted performing to be a part of my life: I went to see Cats on Broadway for my 6th birthday and one of the actors came into the audience and danced with me during the show!  From that day forward I just knew I could not live without music and dancing in my life!  From there I grew up playing violin and participating in choir and theater productions.  I received a Bachelor of Music degree in Music Education from St. Olaf College in Northfield, MN and have participated in several community choirs since!


    I believe wholeheartedly that music and theater can be the lifeline for so many people, whether it is their main "thing," or just a fun outlet in the midst of the stresses of life!  My classroom is a community and a team and it is a place where all can feel welcome and loved, and express themselves. I hope that all of my students feel great ownership over their growth during their time with me and leave the year with a new appreciation for music and theater!