• Sunset Food Drive

    Posted by Corvin on 12/6/2019

    The food drive runs from 12/2 to 12/20

    Room 201 is awesome. We are doing many acts of kindness, and fundraisers. If you are new you will experience the food drive which is where you bring in donations such as: Mac and Cheese, pasta, deodorant, and many more! The fifth graders get to put on a video for the whole school which is very fun. You can work on posters and flyers. We hope you join Team Sunset!

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  • Price Change!

    Posted by Olivia on 11/22/2019


    A sugar cookie with pink frosting

    In Team 201 during Marketplace Friday, Kai and Keira run KK's Sweet Shop. They sell cupcakes, cookies, and more! Everyone bought so much stuff, but this Marketplace Friday was different. Kai and Keira changed their prices because their business was going so well. A cookie changed from 50 dollars to 500 dollars. One mini-cupcake was $500 too! Mr. Brodell says this is called inflation. 

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  • Portrait Art Project

    Posted by Maggie on 11/15/2019

    Self-portraits with poetry, in colored pencil and tempera paint

    This week in Room 201, we are doing a self portrait art project. We are making nice, beautiful self portraits and then cutting them out. We are also painting backgrounds. We are making fading stripes. We are also writing fun poems about us. It tells the school about our families, our fears, etc. We are having lots of fun with these. Some people are still working on portraits, and some on poems, but everything is fun! Were having an amazing time!         ~Maggie, a Room 201 student

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  • I Love School

    Posted by Abbi on 11/14/2019

    Hello. I love school. It is so fun. I love my classroom. It’s so cool and my teacher Brodell is the best teacher I ever had.

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  • Business Is Booming!

    Posted by Scout on 11/11/2019

    Business is booming!

    Business is booming right now in Room 201. There are so many companies that people invented, for example KK’s Sweet Shop. "K" stands for Keira, and "K" stands for Kai. This shop is where most people spend their Marketplace Friday time at. It's crazy how many people spend their money on candy. This week the Sweet Shop is selling 100 grand, gummy worms, jolly ranchers, and sugar cookies! There are all sorts of different businesses, that was just one of them.



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  • We Love Mandarin :)

    Posted by Nathan on 11/8/2019

    Hello! My name is Nathan. Welcome to Team 201! This is a magical place full of kindness, learning and fun. When you enter our class you get a nice warm welcome from our mayor. You may see learning like we normally do. But you may also see Mandarin everywhere. That's because our class LOVES to learn Mandarin. Our teacher (Mr.Brodell) speaks Mandarin and writes FLUENTLY! THAT'S AMAZING. When the chinse teacher walks in we all say “hello” (in Mandarin of course). When we are learning it we follow what the Mandarin teacher says. Then we watch a video. When the Chinese teacher leaves we say “zai jian!”. When she leaves we all miss her for an hour or two. Thank you for reading my class blog about our Mandarin. WE LOVE CHINESE!


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  • Science Is Fun!

    Posted by Tony on 10/1/2019

    This year, during two separate weeks, Room 201 made spaghetti towers with marshmallows and raw spaghetti noodles. This was super fun. We used geometric shapes to keep our towers up! The tallest tower the first week was 26 inches.  In the second week, the tallest tower was 26.5 inches. The shortest in the first week was 0.0 inches, and the shortest in the second week was 5.5 inches. This activity was really fun. Next year, I hope you can be in Room 201!

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  • Postcards from Taiwan

    Posted by Anoymous on 9/24/2019

    Postcards from Taiwan

    Postcards from Taiwan are posted on a bulletin board

    The opening:

    It was suspenseful

    One yellow envelope

    Three fifth grade classes

    Sixty postcards from Changhua County, Taiwan.

    One pair of scissors were taken out

    Dull blades glinting in the fluorescent overhead lights

    Twenty-four students held their breath.

    And then we opened the envelope

    A fountain of postcards 

    Spilled out of the opened yellow envelope

    All of the students were assigned partners

    To write their next postcard to.

    Then, they were off to their desks to write a reply.

    This yellow envelope will be one of many.

    --Anonymous Fifth Grader

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  • Marketplace Friday

    Posted by Scout on 9/24/2019

    Friday's coming up! Do you know what that means? Marketplace Friday! This Friday is the 2nd Marketplace Friday that Room 201 has had. If you don’t know what Marketplace Friday is then I’ll explain. Marketplace Friday is a store that we have in Room 201 where you can spend your Room 201 money on. You can buy pencils, erasers, pencil grips and more. But not only that, you can also buy experiences, like extra recess, teaching the class for 5 minutes, wearing headphones to listen to music while you write, and more! I guess Friday really is the best day of the week.



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  • We've been busy writing!

    Posted by Nicholas Brodell on 9/12/2019

    Sending off our first postcards to Taiwan

    Writers in Room 201 have finished writing their first postcards to 5th graders in Changhua City, Taiwan. This is the first of hopefully many exchanges we will do with Inter English School this year. The postcards will all go together into a padded envelope and will be shipped next week. For us, we got our first batch of postcards today! 

    Postcards coming from and going to Taiwan

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