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    Posted by Bryce on 4/2/2020

        This all started when school got out a week early. I expected that we would come back after Spring Break. But more and more cases of the Novel Coronavirus showed up. It wasn’t looking good. People are getting really sick and the virus is very contagious! We have to stay inside and away from other people so we don’t get sick, and so we don’t make other people sick.
         Now we are out of school until, at least, April. My parents don’t want us laying around playing video games all day so we are learning from home.  While this was all happening my parents printed out math work sheets for us to do. I mostly work in our playroom. There is a big desk with pens, pencils, lined paper, colored pencils and a lot of other supplies. It is quiet there. It is a great place for focusing. I can listen to music if I want to. And there is a window that looks out onto our street so I can watch people and cars going by. The downside is that I can barley interact with anyone outside of my family. But we do get to FaceTime my grandparents. I guess our dogs are happy because we are there all day and they can snuggle with us. But other than that it is not that fun. We have to be in bed by 9:00 pm and out of bed by 8:00 am.
        We do get to have breaks and lots of free time. During that time I like to practice solving my Rubik’s Cube, playing video games and Uno. I am getting pretty fast at the Rubik’s Cube! I average 20 to 30 seconds to solve a 3 by 3 cube.   My family and I also enjoy movie night and lots of homemade ice cream. So it’s not all bad.
        I miss all my teachers and friends. I hope Everyone stays heathy!!

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  • #My Workspace

    Posted by Evan C. on 4/1/2020

    Home school has been going great so far because I get a balance of things I need to do from reading to doing writing pieces like this one. Homeschool for me has mostly been in my living room and kitchen. What makes my learning space good is that 1:  it is a quiet place where I can focus and learn and 2: it is close to help (mom or dad). What I think makes a good work space is where you can focus and learn, have help if you need it and where you are in your comfort zone. Some tips about how you get lots of work done. 1:  get a place where you can think freely. 2: think about your topic and what it is about. 3: if your topic is hard, don’t be afraid to ask questions and 4: think about how much work you want to get done and try to meet that goal.

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  • #My Workspace

    Posted by Ty on 3/31/2020
    The workspace I am currently using consists of:
    • The dining room table.
    • A class schedule.
    • A journal.
    • My Student Activity Book from school.
    • A computer.
    What makes a good workspace/ learning experience:
    • Having a place where you can actively focus, and not get distracted by other things, such as books.
    • Being able to have a hands - on experience. For example, if you are learning how to play the cajon, it would be better to be able to actually play the cajon, than just listining to another person play the cajon.
    New information:
    • It is helpful to create a schedule that closely mimics your school schedule.
    • It is also helpful to have a peaceful atmosphere.
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  • C'est le courage qui compte.

    Posted by Nicholas Brodell on 3/30/2020

    C'est le courage qui compte.

    Dear Team 201, 

    I went to Room 201 today to retrieve some books and materials so we can begin our online learning together next week. Our door has the sign that says, C'est le courage qui compte (It's courage that matters.) These words of wisdom--borrowed from somewhere on the internet--matter now more than ever. These last few weeks have been really hard. And the next weeks ahead may be hard, too. Remember, though, that we don't ever give up or call it quits. We take breaks and we give each other space, but we don't quit. If you're frustrated or upset, that's normal. To feel better, remember to try a different strategy. Take a deep breath. Take a walk. Talk to a friend. Clear your mind. Then come back and face the challenge again. We can have courage and still be worried and confused. Importantly, remember that we're together in this. Next week we'll launch into some new learning together. I look forward to this very much! Take good care. Warm regards, Mr. Brodell

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  • Blues Art

    Posted by Scout on 2/26/2020

    Blues Music

    Did you know that Blues is the oldest form of American music? It has its roots in the injustice of slavery, when African-American slave workers sang spiritual work songs together. They sang to get through the difficult time. Many of their rhythms came from West Africa.

    Blues grew fast. The most popular type of Blues is Country Blues. Almost all songs are based on a 12-bar pattern. This means that the 1st line and the 2nd line are the same, and the 3rd line is completely different, like wrapping it up. 

    Some of the most famous Blues musicians are Muddy Waters, Mo' Rainey, Sleepy John Estes, and Howlin' Wolf.

    Most types of music were influenced by Blues, such as Rock n' Roll, Country, and Hip Hop. The next time you listen to a song, look for that familiar 12-pattern or the "holler" lines!

    Blues art is hanging on our wall

    By Scout, Team 201

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  • Sunset Food Drive

    Posted by Corvin on 12/6/2019

    The food drive runs from 12/2 to 12/20

    Room 201 is awesome. We are doing many acts of kindness, and fundraisers. If you are new you will experience the food drive which is where you bring in donations such as: Mac and Cheese, pasta, deodorant, and many more! The fifth graders get to put on a video for the whole school which is very fun. You can work on posters and flyers. We hope you join Team Sunset!

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  • Price Change!

    Posted by Olivia on 11/22/2019


    A sugar cookie with pink frosting

    In Team 201 during Marketplace Friday, Kai and Keira run KK's Sweet Shop. They sell cupcakes, cookies, and more! Everyone bought so much stuff, but this Marketplace Friday was different. Kai and Keira changed their prices because their business was going so well. A cookie changed from 50 dollars to 500 dollars. One mini-cupcake was $500 too! Mr. Brodell says this is called inflation. 

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  • Portrait Art Project

    Posted by Maggie on 11/15/2019

    Self-portraits with poetry, in colored pencil and tempera paint

    This week in Room 201, we are doing a self portrait art project. We are making nice, beautiful self portraits and then cutting them out. We are also painting backgrounds. We are making fading stripes. We are also writing fun poems about us. It tells the school about our families, our fears, etc. We are having lots of fun with these. Some people are still working on portraits, and some on poems, but everything is fun! Were having an amazing time!         ~Maggie, a Room 201 student

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  • I Love School

    Posted by Abbi on 11/14/2019

    Hello. I love school. It is so fun. I love my classroom. It’s so cool and my teacher Brodell is the best teacher I ever had.

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  • Business Is Booming!

    Posted by Scout on 11/11/2019

    Business is booming!

    Business is booming right now in Room 201. There are so many companies that people invented, for example KK’s Sweet Shop. "K" stands for Keira, and "K" stands for Kai. This shop is where most people spend their Marketplace Friday time at. It's crazy how many people spend their money on candy. This week the Sweet Shop is selling 100 grand, gummy worms, jolly ranchers, and sugar cookies! There are all sorts of different businesses, that was just one of them.



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