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  • Athey Creek Middle School strives for character, community, and excellence.  We value a safe learning environment where all people are treated with respect and dignity, and have the opportunity to achieve their fullest potential.  If every person in our school follows three guiding principles, we will create a school of excellence.  Therefore, we ask every person at Athey Creek to:
    1. Respect each and every person in the school.
    2. Respect learning.
    3. Respect the school environment.
  • turkey


    November 22nd


    Turkey Trot Donation  may be made here


    This event addresses the ever growing need to foster healthy habits in our community. They will join one of their classes in generating Turkey Trot Spirit and then navigate through crazy obstacles set on the cross country course around the track, and finish with a special challenge from the teachers. They’ll use their bodies and minds to make it to the end.


    GOAL: The event replaced the school magazine drive AND the fun run that have taken place in years’ past. This year we are focusing our drive in 3 parts; food donations and money drive for ASB funds as well as local humanitarian relief. Each year we have been successful by increasing our goals and this years we are hopeful with your support. This year our goal for food donations is to increase by 50% which would equal over 10, 000 pounds!!! Additionally, our goal for ASB funds is $10,000 and our local humanitarian relief is also $10,000. At this time, our student leadership group is continuing to research local organizations to determine which one to support this year, some options are local food banks, Habitat for Humanity, Tiny Homes for Vets, clothing closets and more. Stay tuned...


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    District Dancer Enrichment Fees may be paid here

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    To report a student's absence or tardiness, please call





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