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    West Linn High School would receive upgraded parking.  West Linn High School would receive an expanded stadium.

    Stadium Improvements
    Increasing the size of West Linn High School's stadium is needed to accommodate enrollment growth and increase safety. The current stadium size does not accommodate the entire student body of more than 1,800 students. Enlarging the stadium would provide a place for the entire student population to gather for school events, assemblies, and activities. Enlarging the stadium would also increase safety for students during emergency protocols, and increase safety for the greater community during major athletic and performance events.

    Increased Parking
    Enlarging the WLHS stadium would require adding additional parking at the WLHS site. Additional parking would benefit the student body during school hours and improve parking lot safety during community events. The number of parking spaces would be determined during the permitting process based on West Linn City Code.