• Student Safety and Security
    Current Project Updates

    Providing the best education possible for our students also means creating a safe and secure environment for both students and staff. In recent years there has been a heightened awareness regarding school safety and security at the national, state and local level. West Linn-Wilsonville School District is committed to creating and maintaining safe, secure facilities for students, staff and patrons as a partnership with our community, neighboring school districts, area law enforcement and emergency responders.

    This category provides a budgeted amount of money to be used at all District facilities to equitably purchase and install specific safety and security related products, components, systems and assemblies; as identified and prioritized by the District Safety Committee. The funding for this category was initially set at $500,000.00 dollars. Elert & Associates was selected to provide safety and security consulting services in April 2015. Safety and security assessments of all district schools were completed in 2016, and included a number of recommendations for a number of improvements across the district. Additionally, Elert & Associates was involved throughout the design of the new Sunset Primary School and Meridian Creek Middle School. A number of design components were piloted in the two new schools which will inform future projects at existing schools. An additional $1.5 million dollars of bond funds were allocated to complete a number of the recommended improvements for existing facilities. The following themes for these improvements were identified:

      • Building Communication Systems
      • School Entrance Security
      • Door Hardware and Locking
      • Safe Classroom Accommodations
      • School-grounds Exterior Security Measures
      • Limited Security Cameras
      • Lighting and Controls projects completed include:         
    • Formalizing facility room numbers, sending them to first responders, installing identifying interior door markings and exterior window stickers district wide - Complete
    • Building communication system expansion or replacement as needed, including: 
      • Stafford Primary School
      • Lowrie Primary School
      • Trillium Creek Primary School
      • West Linn High School
      • Bolton Primary School
      • Cedaroak Park Primary School
      • Boones Ferry Primary School
      • CREST
      • Athey Creek Middle School
      • Inza Wood Middle School
      • Boeckman Creek Primary School
      • Wilsonville High School
      • Willamette Primary School
      • Art Tech High School
    • Fencing at Cedaroak Park Primary School - Complete
    • Secure entry installation at Wilsonville High School - Complete
    • Replacement and addition of exterior light fixtures at several schools

    Projects currently in construction or implementation for Summer 2018:

    • Boeckman Creek Primary School secure entry
    • Boeckman Creek Primary School lockdown system
    • Bolton Primary School secure entry
    • Bolton Primary School lockdown system
    • West Linn High School secure entry
    • Reliable wireless communication district-wide
    • Limited security cameras district-wide

    Project Updates