• 2023 Q1 Project Updates

    Posted by West Linn - Wilsonville School District on 4/20/2023

    Interior stairs

    Recent Activities:
        Structural steel erection is complete, including covered entry areas and bus canopies. Bus canopies will be finalized with translucent solar panels in the spring.
        Interior metal stud framing is nearly complete, with drywall installation beginning in selected areas.
        The temporary roof has been completed, with the exception of the large expansion joint area between the commons and classroom wings. Final roof installation is occurring as weather permits. 
        Major plumbing, HVAC and Electrical components are being installed, including electrical switchgear, boilers, terminal units and rooftop mechanical units.
        Exterior window frame installation is in progress and will frame the main entry to the building.
        The City of West Linn has assigned the new address: 2110 Brandon Place.
        Water line installation on Willamette Falls DRive is complete and retaining wall installation on the north side of Willamette Falls DRive is in progress.
        New curbs are installed on the new Brandon Place extension, and the intersection of Brandon Place and Dollar Street is being prepared for final asphalt.
        The moving company was hired and Athey CReek staff have begun packing for the move this summer. 
        Elevator installation has begun

    Upcoming Activities:
        Final paving on Dollar Street was delayed due to weather but is anticipated to occur in April.
        Reconstruction of the West entry to Fields Bridge Park and continued work on the north side of Willamette Falls Drive, including new street lights, bike paths, and sidewalks
        Interior finish work will commence in the building this spring, including drywall, casework, tiling and paint.
        Parking lots and track work to commence later in the spring.
        Permanent power will be installed to the building in April.

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  • Athey Creek at Dollar Project Update : Paving of Dollar Street

    Posted by West Linn - Wilsonville School District on 4/12/2023

    With a break in the weather and dry weather expected the rest of week, paving of Dollar Street will take place this Thursday and Friday (April 13-14). Flaggers will provide street access for neighbors and will maintain traffic on Dollar Street. Delays are to be expected during this work. 

    The City will provide digital signage to alert traffic of work.

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  • New Athey Creek Middle School Construction Update

    Posted by West Linn - Wilsonville School District on 3/20/2023

    The installation of the underground water line on Willamette Falls Drive is complete. The crew will continue to work on the North side of Willamette Falls Drive near Epperly Way in preparation for underground utilities, as well as new retaining walls. Traffic control measures will continue on Willamette Falls Drive for the next couple of weeks as these areas are being worked on.


    The General Contractor is also preparing to install the final layer of asphalt on Dollar Street.  There will be flaggers present to direct traffic once this work commences. The exact dates that this work will take place are dependent on the weather. The City has moved one of the digital traffic signs to Dollar Street to advise neighbors of upcoming traffic limitations.

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  • New Athey Creek Middle School at Dollar Street Project Update 2-17-2023

    Posted by West Linn - Wilsonville School District on 2/17/2023
    Attached is a project update for the New Athey Creek Middle School Bond Project including project pictures.
    Construction on the North side of Willamette Falls will begin Monday, Feb. 20. Key information includes:
    • The utility contractor will be installing an underground waterline along Willamette Falls Drive.
    • Flaggers will assist traffic flow, with priority being given to any emergency vehicles.
    • This work is part of the district's permit which was approved in 2021.
    • Permitted work along Willamette Falls Drive will be conducted with City coordination, and the public will be informed ahead of time.
    The interior construction of the building is progressing steadily. Items currently being installed are as follows:
    • Main staircase at the upper entry is installed as well as other steel stairs throughout the building.
    • Temporary roof membrane is competed.
    • Rooftop air handling units are being installed.
    • Drywall installation has commenced.
    • Mechanical and electrical rough-in is ongoing. 

    New Athey Creek Middle School Listserv Update 2-17-2023

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  • 2022 Q4 Project Updates

    Posted by West Linn - Wilsonville School District on 2/3/2023

    New Athey Creek Exterior

    Recent Activities:

    • Precast wall installation began in October and was complete in 11 days
    • Structural steel and steel decking installation is continuing
    • The interior steel studs are being installed and interior walls are defined for the band room, choir, stage, locker rooms and other specialty spaces
    • Installation of the temporary roof system is complete on approximately 50% of the building
    • Plumbing and electrical rough in is being complete to allow drywall installation in the dried in areas
    • Window measurements have been confirmed with delivery expected in February
    • The track has been defined and is currently used as a staging area for equipment and supplies before being completed
    • A furniture order was placed and is scheduled for delivery this summer
    • Street improvements on Dollar St. were completed in November. Final lift will be complete with offsite work this spring.
    • Sidewalks on the north side of Dollar St. are complete. South sidewalks are being worked on and remain closed.
    • Work on Brandon Place has commenced

    Upcoming Activities:

    • Drywall in sectors A and B
    • Major equipment delivery - Electrical Switchgear for power to the building
    • Work on Willamette Falls Drive
    • Classroom framing will begin in January
    • Moving companies will turn in bids in January for the move of supplies and select furniture/equipment from the existing Athey Creek to the new school
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  • Project Updates

    Posted by West Linn - Wilsonville School District on 12/2/2022

    Good afternoon WLWV Community,

    We have multiple project updates to share. Exterior walls of the new school were recently installed in addition to several accompanying components. Interested community members are encouraged to watch this project update video with more details. 

    The contractor also recently erected the sports field lighting at the new Athey Creek Middle School. These fixtures have become a regular feature of modern athletic fields and will support school and community use of the track and field as darkness comes early for much of the year. The modern LED lighting is energy efficient and the fixtures have a high degree of control over the spread of light. The same technology is currently in use at West Linn High School, Wilsonville High School and Wood Middle School. The lights are permitted for use until 10 PM.
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  • New Athey Creek Middle School Update Video

    Posted by West Linn - Wilsonville School District on 11/28/2022

    Big things are happening at the construction site for our new Athey Creek Middle School. See the crews are putting up walls and keeping the project on schedule for welcoming students in the fall of 2023.

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  • New Athey Creek Middle School Street Work

    Posted by West Linn - Wilsonville School District on 10/27/2022

    Asphalt paving on Dollar Street is schedule to commence during the week of October 31, 2022. All work will occur during normal working hours, but the exact start date is dependent on weather. One through lane of traffic will remain open for the majority of this work. There will likely be a small window of work that will require traffic to detour. The district is working with the City of West Linn to incorporate signage to keep the public informed of construction activities.

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  • 2022 Q3 Project Updates

    Posted by West Linn - Wilsonville School District on 10/26/2022

    Exterior Construction walls

    Recent Activities:
    Final grading on the site bus entry, staff parking and track
    ■ All first floor concrete slabs have been poured and block wall installation is continuing.
    Steel is on site for portions of the building and is currently being installed. This includes steel beams, trusses and one set of stairs.
    ■ The steel decking above the locker rooms, which creates the floor for the auxiliary gym, is installed.
    ■ The gym walls are complete, including the highest, poured in place wall along Dollar Street.
    ■ Rough installation of plumbing and electrical work is continuing.
    ■ An offsite tour was held to view the fabrication of the precast concrete walls. Delivery and installation of the precast members is expected to start the end of October.
    ■ Tree removal along Willamette Falls Drive occurred in July. The remaining work is expected in February.
    ■ Work began on Dollar Street with all construction parking moving onto the site. 
    ■ The water line extension at Dollar Street is complete and the strom line is in process. Curbs are expected to be installed in October.

    Upcoming Activities: 
      Precast concrete wall installation
      Steel erection in the classroom wings
      Temporary roof installation in certain sectors of the building
      Paving on Dollar Street is scheduled for early November while Brandon Place will commence after Dollar Street is complete.


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  • 2022 Q2 Project Updates

    Posted by West Linn - Wilsonville School District on 7/22/2022

    Exterior Walls

    Recent Activities:
    ■ Grading for the building and lower parking lot is largely complete
    ■ The contractor fully mobilized to the site, using the lower parking area as staging for trailers and materials
    ■ The gym was fully excavated below Dollar Street and other areas of the building have been formed
    ■ Concrete pours have begun for structural footings
    ■ The large retaining wall that is parallel to Dollar Street was formed and poured
    ■ Underground utilities have been installed throughout the building footprint, including conduit for electrical rooms,
    plumbing for restrooms as well as the main underground storm system
    ■ Grading for the upper parking lot has begun
    ■ The off-site permit for street work was approved by the City of West Linn
    ■ The relocation of PGE power poles has been completed
    ■ The appeal to the Land Use Board of Appeals decision was final April 18

    Upcoming Activities:
    ■ Work on the north side of Willamette Falls Drive expected to start in July
    ■ Installation of interior CMU walls
    ■ Procurement of long lead items continues
    ■ Review of the furniture order to be finalized and an order is expected to be placed in the coming months

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