Construction Update

Posted by West Linn - Wilsonville School District on 7/28/2023

Good afternoon WLWV Community Members,

We have several updates regarding the New Athey Creek Middle School that we would like to share, including some important reminders. 

NOTICE: The new Athey Creek Middle School site is an active construction zone. Only construction personnel are authorized to enter the property. This restriction is for the safety of all.

The New Athey Creek Middle School project continues to make steady progress towards completion in time for students this fall. We are excited to open on the first day of school, Aug. 29.

This picture depicts a typical classroom in the new Athey Creek Middle School. Remaining work includes final ceiling tile, network cable faceplates, tack surface and cleaning. The material on the floor is protection for the carpet. The furniture is assembled and secured in the center of the rooms. 

Aux Gym
The auxiliary gymnasium at the new Athey Creek Middle School. Remaining work includes cleaning, wood flooring, power and data outlets. The wood flooring is acclimating in preparation for installation. 

Site Improvements:

  • Irrigation installation is nearing completion, planting is underway
  • Parking lot pavement and striping is complete
  • Concrete sidewalk installation is nearing completion
  • Playground equipment installation is underway
  • Solar panel installation is complete

Building Improvements:

  • Painting is nearing completion
  • Ceiling installation is nearing completion
  • Lighting installation is nearing completion
  • Mechanical equipment testing is underway
  • Plumbing installation is nearing completion
  • Technology systems installation is underway
  • Flooring installation is underway
  • Window installation is complete
  • Roofing installation is nearing completion
  • Power generator installation is complete
  • Entry vestibules are under construction
  • Casework (cabinetry) installation is nearing completion

Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment

  • Marker board installation is complete
  • Furniture delivery to site is nearing completion
  • Classroom furniture assembly and installation is nearing completion
  • General furniture assembly and installation is underway
  • Equipment and supplies orders have been placed
  • Equipment and supplies deliveries are underway
  • Existing supplies and materials have been moved to storage from prior building
  • Existing supplies and materials delivery to new building is scheduled