2021 Q1 Project Updates

Posted by West Linn - Wilsonville School District on 4/22/2021

Recent Activities:
■ Community Meetings #6 held in January, including an extensive Q&A session
■ Construction Document drawing phase launch
■ Arborist report sent to the City Arborist in February
■ Land Use submitted to the City in March for completeness review
■ Continued meetings with the City to complete Right of Way Design
■ Landscaping survey issued end of March asking for Community input
■ Second round of focus groups held with Athey Creek staff, including a student survey
■ Design Development Estimate received


Upcoming Activities:
■ Planning Commission land use hearing expected by end of quarter
■ Construction Documents scheduled for completion in July
■ Permit Coordination with the City of West Linn
■ Construction Documents Estimate expected in May
■ On-going coordination with PGE regarding existing powerline conflicts
■ Land Use completeness review in April


Back side of school rendering