Preparation for Project Work Begins Soon

Posted by West Linn-Wilsonville on 11/19/2021 4:00:00 PM

Soon, activity will start for the new Athey Creek Middle School located at the district-owned Dollar Street property in the Willamette Neighborhood of West Linn. 

These site preparations are part of the planning and construction process and begin with clearing portions of the land in preparation for a school building.  

Planning for Preservation of Natural Resources on the Property
The school district has carefully and intentionally planned for preservation of natural resources wherever possible in the site and building design of this new middle school project. These areas will be periodically inspected by a certified arborist, wetland consultant, soils engineer and civil engineer over the course of the project and they will make recommendations in support of this preservation as needed.

Our priority is to maintain select trees in the current landscape while incorporating natural elements that neighbors expressed interest in during the community engagement process. 

We want our families and community members to know that the site will look different as we prepare to break ground on the new school, and we are working thoughtfully with each area of the site to enhance or preserve the area wherever we can.  Here are more specifics of our plan:

Site Background and Layout
The District’s Dollar Street property is roughly 22 acres consisting of a variety of natural resources. The design team and engineers have worked to retain these greenspaces in the design, and to position the new middle school building to be enhanced by the surrounding trees, slopes, and greenery.

Eastern Site Planning
The eastern portion of the site has a steep ravine. This ravine will be preserved in its entirety. At the central base of the ravine there is an ephemeral stream that will have enhanced native plantings added within this Water Resource Area (WRA.) Trees will be added across the top of the ravine to increase the buffered area for those in the Arbor Cove neighborhood.

Western Site Planning
The far western portion of the site includes a Tualatin River Protection Area which is measured based on its proximity to the River. There will be a new path that will be built with minimal disruption. This new path will maintain connectivity to the path under Fields Bridge which connects to the park. There will also be enhanced tree and shrub plantings added at this location.

Northern Site Planning
Many of the perimeter trees along Dollar Street must be removed to accommodate the new street and sidewalks required. However, many new trees and shrubs will be installed in an enhanced buffer zone between the new sidewalk and school site features.

Southern Site Planning
Many existing trees will be retained along the southern slope of the property. The increased density from new plantings will meld with the existing landscape in a natural way over time.

Native Trees and Plants
The District has prioritized the use of native species in planting material throughout the site. This use of native trees and shrubs has been the basis of the design from the onset and was also a resounding comment heard from the Community during the neighborhood meetings in the planning phase. 

Repurposing of Existing Trees
The District is exploring opportunities to repurpose trees that need to be removed to accommodate the building, street improvements, and site amenities. Some potential repurposing ideas include timber benches, live edge planks, and instructional material for student interaction. By bringing the natural resource of wood into the building, trees will find new life within the walls of the school and reflect the greenspace on the exterior. Careful consideration of this valued resource will continue to provide a long-term benefit to the community.

Follow Along As Project Progress Continues
The District strives to keep neighbors and all interested patrons aware of ongoing progress with this specific construction project as well as all Capital Bond projects.  Patrons can subscribe to the WLWV-Bond-New-Athey-Creek-At-Dollar ListServ service as well as view the bond website. For project information and other updates related to the 2019 Capital Bond, please visit the bond website.