2021 Q4 Project Updates

Posted by West Linn - Wilsonville School District on 1/21/2022

Recent Activities:
■ City Council confirmed the Planning Commissions approval and issued a notice of Final Decision
■ The project has been appealed to LUBA (Land Use Board of Appeals)
■ Harvesting of the overgrown Christmas tree farm occurred in early December
■ Harvested trees have been sold to local mills for a variety of purposes, including milled lumber and pulp
■ The district has been meeting to determine best ways to repurpose harvested trees from the site in the project
■ The City of West Linn has completed review for the Building Permit
■ DEQ approved the 1200-C Erosion Control Permit
■ General contractor bids were received. Emerick Construction was awarded the project with all alternates
■ Continued collaboration with the City of West Linn for the right of way work along Willamette Falls Drive
■ Furniture layouts and design meetings continue

Upcoming Activities:
■ Public Improvement drawings will be submitted to the City in February 2022
■ Procurement of long lead items will be addressed with the general contractor
■ The contractor will be fully mobilized and on site in Feb/March 2022
■ The district submits documentation for the LUBA appeal