2022 Q4 Project Updates

Posted by West Linn - Wilsonville School District on 2/3/2023

New Athey Creek Exterior

Recent Activities:

  • Precast wall installation began in October and was complete in 11 days
  • Structural steel and steel decking installation is continuing
  • The interior steel studs are being installed and interior walls are defined for the band room, choir, stage, locker rooms and other specialty spaces
  • Installation of the temporary roof system is complete on approximately 50% of the building
  • Plumbing and electrical rough in is being complete to allow drywall installation in the dried in areas
  • Window measurements have been confirmed with delivery expected in February
  • The track has been defined and is currently used as a staging area for equipment and supplies before being completed
  • A furniture order was placed and is scheduled for delivery this summer
  • Street improvements on Dollar St. were completed in November. Final lift will be complete with offsite work this spring.
  • Sidewalks on the north side of Dollar St. are complete. South sidewalks are being worked on and remain closed.
  • Work on Brandon Place has commenced

Upcoming Activities:

  • Drywall in sectors A and B
  • Major equipment delivery - Electrical Switchgear for power to the building
  • Work on Willamette Falls Drive
  • Classroom framing will begin in January
  • Moving companies will turn in bids in January for the move of supplies and select furniture/equipment from the existing Athey Creek to the new school