Posted by West Linn - Wilsonville School District on 8/20/2021

Entry Rendering

Land Use documents were submitted to the City Planning Department in March and the initial Completeness was received on April 16th.  The Land Use process has continued over the summer with the initial hearing, followed by subsequent hearings and findings.  The final hearing was held on August 18th which ended in a vote by the Planning Commission.  The Planning Commissioners voted to approve the application with conditions.

Updated conceptual renderings of the main entry, as shown above, as well as the bus entry and interior spaces can be found on the bond website.

The project documents have been completed and submitted to the Building Department for Permit.  The District has received the first round of comments back from the Building Department and is responding.  It is anticipated that the Permitting and Land Use processes will converge in a timely manner to allow Contractor bidding to begin in the fall.

The District has engaged with a Furnishings Fixtures & Equipment (FF&E) vendor and has begun the process of furniture selection.  These selections are all based on the final interior color palette selections, which were also finalized over the summer.

The District continues to partner with City of West Linn in developing Street Improvements surrounding the site.  Street improvements will occur on Dollar Street, Willamette Falls Drive, and the newly created Brandon Place Extension.  Final coordination efforts are nearing completion to allow right of way improvements to be submitted to the City in the fall.