• As School Counselor, we support students in a variety of ways (individual, small group and classroom setting) in the area of Social Emotional Learning (SEL).  If your child is experiencing any social or emotional impacts, please do not hesitate to contact us to support your child. We are able to provide short term, solution focused support and if there is a need for further counseling, we are happy to direct families to my resource page or provide you with a list of local therapists - see next. 

    This list was compiled by the Children's Center in 2013. The school district does not endorse or recommend these providers. However, this list may be a useful resource for families pursuing mental health supports for their children.

    Classroom support may be in these ways: 

    • Consulting with teachers to embed SEL instruction through core content standards
    • Advisory Lessons : Empathy, Identifying Values, Emotions & Handling Emotions, Relationships, Conflicts & Conflict Resolution  
    • Wellness Lessons - I am a guest speaker for 3 lessons/semester focusing on: 
      • Bullying or Gender Harassment - 2nd Step 
      • Erin's Law - Sexual Harassment - Lesson Here (subject to change) 
      • Mental Health & Suicide Prevention - Chapter 5 of GW Book 

    These lessons are apart of our response to teaching on Erin's Law. 

    Erin's Law was signed into legislation in 2015 and applies to all Oregon Public Schools. Otherwise known as Senate Bill 856, Erin's Law requires all public schools to develop child sexual abuse prevention programs.

    SB 856 mandates that all Oregon Public Schools provide:
    • A minimum of 4 sex abuse prevention lessons per year for each kindergarten-12th grade class
    • Sexual abuse instruction that is integrated and part of required district comprehensive sexuality education plan and is aligned with state standards.
    • Instruction that is age appropriate, medically accurate, and is not shame or fear based.
    • Instruction that is culturally inclusive and is responsive to diverse students including race, ethnicity, gender identity and sexual orientation.
    • A parental involvement component to inform parents about child sexual abuse topics.
    • A professional training component for administrators, teachers and other school personnel.

    Approved district curriculum includes: 

    Committee for Children - 2nd Step Second - Step SEL is research-based, teacher-informed, and classroom-tested to promote the social-emotional development, safety, and well-being of children from Early Learning through Grade 8.

    Sanderson, S. A., Zelman, M. Comprehensive Health Skills for Middle Schools. 2019. The Goodheart-Willcox Company, Inc. 

    Additional Resources: 

    CASEL - The Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning.
    The world’s leading organization advancing one of the most important fields in education in decades: the practice of promoting integrated academic, social, and emotional learning for all children in preschool through high school.
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    40 Developmental Assets   

    The Search Institute’s 40 Developmental Assets are “building blocks of healthy development….that help young people grow up healthy, caring, and responsible.”  These building blocks represent a wide scope of traits, characteristics, and skill sets that promote positive development.  The Search Institute research shows that the more assets a young person has, the better he or she will be able to manage life’s problems and avoid at-risk behavior.

     Top 10 Reasons School Counselors Want Students to Read: Social-Emotional Learning Opportunities By Sarah Shreeger 


    Think:Kids - Rethinking Challenging Kids: Collaboration Problem Solving   

    J. Stuart Ablon, Ph.D., is the Director of Think:Kids in the Department of Psychiatry at Massachusetts General Hospital. He is also Associate Professor and the Thomas G. Stemberg Endowed Chair in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Ablon is author of the books Changeable: The Surprising Science Behind Helping Anyone ChangeTreating Explosive Kids: The Collaborative Problem Solving Approach, and The School Discipline Fix.

    Rethinking Challenging Kids-Where There's a Skill There's a Way | J. Stuart Ablon | TEDxBeaconStreet