• MCMS Q & A’s

    My child will be arriving late. What should I do?
    There are a couple of options:
     ► You can call the attendance line (503-673-7454)  and leave a message.  Be sure to leave your child's name and when we should expect them at school.
     ► When your child arrives at school they can bring a note to the office, from you, excusing their lateness.
     ► You can come in with your student and sign them in.
     ► Please be sure that your child checks in through the office!

    Someone else needs to pick my child up early from school, what should I do to arrange this?
    We need a note or phone call (503-673-7450) from a parent/guardian authorizing this. It should include your child's name, what time they will be picked up, and who is picking them up. The person picking up your child will need to show a valid ID.

    What do I need to do if I want to pick my child up before school ends?
    We request you call (503-673-7450) in the morning or send your student to school with a note detailing when they will be picked up. The student should then bring the note into the office before school starts.  We will send a pass to the student at the beginning of the period.  This process makes for less interruption in the classroom.
    Parents will need to meet their students in the office and sign them out. In the case of an unplanned early departure, parents can come to the office and ask their student. We can then send for the student and have them come to the office. All students who leave early need to be signed out by a responsible adult who is listed in their emergency contacts.

    How early can my child arrive at school?
    We ask that no students arrive before 8:20 am.  

    My child needs to take a different bus home, how do we notify the office?
    The bus company no longer requires that a student have a note to ride a different bus. However, the office would very much appreciate a note to let us know that YOU know your child is going somewhere different after school. Please send a note with your child that they can drop at the office before school.

    Can I bring balloons or homemade treats to school?
    For student and school safety, balloons and homemade treats/food are not allowed.  Store bought items may be brought in for the student to pick up and distribute during lunch. 

    My student forgot their lunch! What should I do?
    They are welcome to get a school lunch! You may also bring their lunch to the front office. Lunch time is a busy time for office staff helping students, therefore making delivering lunches challenging. You may also bring their lunch to the front office.  

    What is the school policy about cell phones?
    We are implementing our “Phones Away All Day” practice at MCMS this year. We ask that students either leave their devices home or have them turned off and in their locker for the duration of the school day (9:15am-3:45pm). If students need to make a call, they are welcome to use the student phone in the office during lunch. If parents or guardians need to get a message to their student, we ask that you call in the main office and we will be happy to run a message to your student.

    What if my child is ill? Can they use their cell phone to call home?
    Students who need to call home should come down to the office. If they are not feeling well, we especially want them to come to the office so we can help them. We do not want children who feel ill to be in the classroom. For their best health, and the health of the students around them, we keep all ill children in the health room until they feel better or someone comes to pick them up. At that time, they can call home from the health room phone, after checking with the office.

    My child will be missing a few days of school. How can we keep them caught up?
    Your student can get a Prearranged Absence form from the office. They take it to all their teachers and get the upcoming work they would be missing. Then they take it home and have you, the parent, sign it. Lastly, they bring it back to the office where we sign it and keep a copy. Your student will get one copy, so they remember what work they need to do. This is not something that should be done at the last minute, especially since students do not see all their teachers every day. Ideally, the Pre-Arranged Absence form should be filled out a couple of days ahead of time so all parties can do their part.  It is also good practice to check Google Classroom while out of town to stay current on assignments.

    My student needs to meet with their teacher. What should they do?
    Many teachers have regular hours to meet with students outside of classes. If your student needs to meet outside those hours, they can speak to their teacher and set something up, or email them.

    I have a question about my student’s grade or missing assignment?
    Please email the teacher regarding any questions regarding your student's grades, assignments, and participation.  Teacher emails may be found on our website.

    How do I sign-up for conferences?
    Conferences are twice a year, in the Spring and in the Fall. Sign-ups are done electronically through ParentVUE. If you have a problem signing up, we are happy to help you. Typically, the sign ups are available a couple of weeks before the actual conferences. We will email families letting them know when the appointment window is open.

    My child needs to take medication during school. How can they do that?
    All medication, even over-the-counter medication, needs to be brought to the office by an adult. All prescription medication, except inhalers, needs to be kept in the health room. Your child can come to the office to have medication administered by the office staff. After proper documentation, students are allowed to carry their inhalers with them. OTC medications also need to be logged into the office, but at that time it can be decided if the student can carry them and self-administer or if they will be kept in the health room for administration by the office. If the student carries their OTC meds, they may only carry one day's dosage. At no time are students allowed to share medication.