• Hello! My name is Ms. Erb. I am the Language Specialist at Meridian Creek! I teach and learn with teachers and students all over the school. I get to meet and work with teachers, students, and families who speak all different languages! Together we build our vocabulary and language knowledge!

    A little about me, I am from a small town called Brookings, Oregon where I spent the majority of my childhood. My mother was an actress and substitute teacher, my father was a football coach and school administrator. I have a little brother who is six years younger than me. My family eventually moved to Eugene, Oregon where I attended high school, undergrad, and graduate school. Go ducks! I studied English literature, Spanish and Ethnic Studies and eventually went on to get my Master’s in Education. I always wanted to move to the Portland area after visiting as a teenager, and so after I finished my teaching program, I sought a job in this area and here I am! I am so incredibly excited to be a part of the Meridian Creek team. 

    I live in the Northwest District near downtown Portland with my best friend who is also an educator. I have a black cat named Mulder, but I rarely call him by his actual name. I am also a huge Duck fan: specifically volleyball, women’s basketball and softball. I am also a huge WNBA fan. Go Sparks!

    My email: erba@wlwv.k12.or.us

Anna Erb