New Student Registration

  • Welcome to Meridian Creek Middle School!

    We are excited to welcome you and your student(s) to Meridian Creek Middle School! Below you will find the information and links you will need to complete your online registration. Please read carefully and call our Registrar / Attendance Secretary - Paula McGahey if you have any questions or any technical issues during the process. (503) 673-7454.



      • STEP One: Complete your OLR: CLICK HERE-->ParentVue Online Registration
        • Best done on a desktop or laptop computer. Tablets / mobile devices may cause problems!
        • Upload requested documents if possible (SEE MORE INFO ON THIS BELOW!)
        • IMPORTANT: If your student had Special Services (IEP, 504, etc) at your previous school, please be sure to indicate this during registration.

      • STEP Two: After OLR is complete, use the following grade appropriate link to select related arts classes:
        (NOTE: This is a very important step to allow us to build your student’s schedule!)
      • STEP Three: We will call you to discuss the following information:
        • Start Date
        • Class Schedule / Bell Schedule
        • Cohort Information (during hybrid / CDL learning)
        • Date/Time to pick up Supplies and drop off registration documents

      • STEP Four: Our Registrar will send an email to confirm start date, supply pick up date, documents needed for registration, class schedule, bell schedule, and lots more information!

      • STEP Five: Come to the school on your agreed date to pick up your student’s supplies, drop off any forms or information that were not uploaded during the OLR process, ask any questions you may have.

        STEP Six: Student starts school! #GoMustangs!

    IMPORTANT - Documents needed for OLR: The following items can be uploaded during online registration OR brought to the office when you come to pick up supplies. *NOTE* Most smartphones have scanning capabilities either via the phone itself or by using a free app! With iPhones you can scan as a PDF in your Notes program!

    1. Proof Of Age: Most commonly, a birth certificate. Other acceptable documents include:

        1. Hospital announcement
        2. Baptismal certificate
        3. Passport
        4. Health insurance forms w/birth date
        5. Sate services documentation such as welfare benefits w/birth date

    2. Proof of residence address:

    • Utility bill (dated within the last 45 days)
    • Current property tax bill
    • Current rental/lease agreement or a letter from the property owner.
      (This must include parent/legal guardian name, address,property manager or owner name, property manager or owner phone number, and signatures of parent/legal guardian and property owner/manager)
    • Current mortgage statements
    • Escrow papers
    • State/Federal Revenue documents
    • *Note that a Driver's License is NOT an adequate proof of address.
    • Proof of Immunization:
    • If you have documents from your physician, the information must be written on an Oregon “Certificate of Immunization” and signed. *NOTE* If your student was vaccinated in Oregon, we may be able to print this information for you.
    • If your student was not vaccinated in Oregon, we need a signed “Certificate of Immunization
    1. Special Services Records (if applicable): (NOTE: This can NOT be uploaded during registration)
      If your student had an IEP or 504 plan at their previous school, PLEASE be sure to indicate this during online registration and, if you have it, bring a copy of the most recent plan to the school to complete registration. This will greatly assist our specialist in providing the best support possible for your family!