• The curriculum design at Meridian Creek Middle School takes into consideration the needs of middle school students. We believe in developing the concepts, skills, and critical thinking involved in Language Arts, Social Studies, Math, Science, World Language and Wellness. Our curriculum also offers a variety of elective courses in the area of related arts.

    LANGUAGE ARTS (Yearlong) Language Arts is an integrated approach to teaching Language Arts and Literature. Reading and writing are taught using a variety of genres, modes of writing, and writing processes in a workshop- type atmosphere.

    SCIENCE (Yearlong) Science at all grade levels is integrated with other disciplines. Each grade level offers an inquiry-based study that covers problem solving, technical note-taking and reading, hands-on interactive activities, fieldwork investigations, and inquiry methods. General topics covered include physical science, earth and space sciences, life science, and engineering and technology application of science.

    SOCIAL STUDIES (Yearlong) Students are introduced to basic concepts, including the stories of human experience, trends and relationships, geography,economics, history, civics and government. These topics will be approached using contextualized reading, research and inquiry,problem solving, expository and persuasive writing, and various forms of speaking.

    MATHEMATICS (Yearlong) Students explore a broad range of topics from pre-algebra to geometry, focusing on problem solving, mathematical literacy and a variety of mathematical content strands. We will work with current teachers and families to meet individual needs for math placements.

    WELLNESS (Semester) The Wellness program at Meridian Creek is designed to offer students a survey course about a variety of physical activities and comprehensive school health topics. Students explore strategies for lifetime wellness by practicing positive health behaviors and choices, problem solving and team building.

    WORLD LANGUAGE (Spanish and Mandarin Chinese) (Semester/Yearlong) This course includes basic vocabulary/grammatical conversation skills. Upon successful completion of the class, students will be able to talk about themselves,their family and others on a variety of topics, such as:greeting and basic conversation, likes/dislikes, school items, activities, and other related phrases. Grammar components will be introduced, as needed. Cultural Insights and experiences will be incorporated throughout the course.

    STEAM (Semester) Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics. This course will offer students an opportunity to build, design, tinker, code and solve problems. Students will design prototypes, engage in engineering challenges, be introduced to basic coding and have the opportunity to work collaboratively and creatively. 

    ART (Semester) An introduction to the elements of art: line, shape, texture, value, form, space, and color.Students work with a variety of art media; both two-and three- dimensional.

    GRAPHIC ARTS (Semester) Students learn to create and edit images using the industry standard program Adobe Photoshop. Graphic Arts is an activity-based class that teaches skills for image editing and illustration techniques. They will also be introduced to some advanced image-editing techniques to help them design creative, unusual, and stunning images.

    DRAMA (Semester or Yearlong)Through group and individual activities, students will gain confidence in speaking in front of their classmates and build skills to become a successful performer. Throughout the semester, students work on team building, pantomime, monologues, scenes, and at the end of the semester, perform for their parents in the evening. No experience needed.

    BAND (Yearlong) This course offers instruction on woodwind, brass, and percussion instruments. No prior musical experience is necessary. Students will engage in the process of music notation reading,proper tone production, and general musicianship, including the study of music theory and history.Students will present several concerts after school hours throughout the course of the year.

    ORCHESTRA (Yearlong) This is a beginning/early intermediate level, full-year course that offers instruction on string instruments (violin, viola,cello, bass). No prior musical experience is necessary. However, students with previous string instruction will also strengthen their skills needed to succeed in future middle school orchestra opportunities. Students will present several concerts after school hours throughout the course of the year.

    CHOIR (Beginning Semester/Advanced Yearlong) Students learn to use their voices with greater skill, strength and confidence,with the emphasis on learning to present in a professional, confident manner and handle themselves in a performance situation. Beginning Music theory is taught, with each student expected to master elementary music reading skills,concepts, and symbols as they apply to choral music. Choir students will perform in at least one public, evening concert.

    PERCUSSION (Yearlong) This class will consist of percussion students only, providing an opportunity for students to hone their skills in a percussion-focused environment. Students will also perform in their respective bands for concerts.

    MUSIC APPRECIATION (Semester) Students will explore a variety of musical genres, learn about the most influential musicians and have an opportunity to learn more about some of their favorite artists as well.  No prior music experience necessary.