• If you get the "Need a Drive Letter" message....

    That means that the computer is already connected to the cloud.  Click Cancel.

    Click Start->My Computer.  Scroll down to where it says "Network Drives".  Listed below it should show a user name that is connected to the H: drive. 
    If it is your name, then you are already on the Cloud.
    If it is someone else's name, you need to disconnect and then re-connect.  On the desktop, click the "Disconnect-to-WLWV-Cloud".  That should clear the drives.  Then go ahead and click "Connect-to-WLWV-Cloud" again and everything should work.

    If you get the "Drives Were Not Mapped" message...

    Make sure you have a good network connection.

    It's possible that you mistyped your password.  Try connecting again.

    If it STILL doesn't work, there may be a problem with your password. You can ask the librarian or a teacher for help.