• Logging into the WLWV Cloud
    First off, make sure that the "Select School" is set to "Inza Wood"
    Make sure that the "Select User Type" is set to "Student" 
    Your username is typically the first seven letters of your last name + your first initial
    For example, Wendy Vandersmith would probably have "vandersw" as her user name.
    Joe Smith would probably have "smithj" as his username.
    If there are other students with the same first 7 letters and same first initial, then your username probably is different. You need to check with one of your teachers, the office, or the library.
    Your password starts off as a capital P + your student ID number. You then are supposed to change it to anything you want as long as it is at least 8 characters long.
    So, if Lisa's ID number is 141832, her initial password is "P141832"