Emergency School Closure Procedures

  • In the event than an emergency makes it necessary to close school early, parents need to have a clear understanding of the school's operating procedures and the school, likewise, needs information about your family's plan for your children. Please note that if your child attends the ClubK daycare on-site, that they will close when the school does. They will not be open for daycare.

    An early closure may result from severe weather conditions, extended loss of power, heat, water, or fire, or other unexpected emergency conditions.

    If it becomes necessary to close school early, local radio and television stations will be notified, and other efforts will be made to notify parents. This information will also be posted on our district website at www.wlwv.k12.or.us Please register for the district FlashAlert system: www.flashalert.net

    Please listen to the media for this information, as our phone lines get overloaded with calls, and we need to keep them open for calls that we need to make. Please keep in mind, also, that occasionally our phone lines will go down and you will not be able to get through. Each classroom's room parents have a list of the children in the classroom and will help facilitate the calling of parents. We will not send a child home when we have no clear idea of where they are to be, or if we cannot reach a parent or emergency contact person. Our office will remain open for a reasonable amount of time to ensure that all students have arrived safely to their destination, then we will close also to ensure the safe travel of our staff.

Emergency Early Dismissal - Parent Responsibilities

    1. Make sure your family plan for an emergency closure is on file with the school office. This information is reported on the Student Data Verification form that is sent home at the beginning of the school year for you to update.
    2. Make sure your child(ren) understand the emergency plan.
    3. When severe weather conditions or other emergency situations occur that could result in an early dismissal, LISTEN TO THE LOCAL RADIO AND TELEVISION STATIONS OR CHECK THE DISTRICT WEBSITE FOR THIS INFORMATION. PLEASE DO NOT CALL THE OFFICE!
    4. Communicate any updated emergency closure information to the office ASAP!
    5. Make sure that the homes to which your child(ren) will go (if not your own home) are informed of your emergency plan.

      Below is a list of the local stations that will carry information on school closures or late morning start times.

Local Radio & Television Stations

Radio and Television Station Information

Late Starts

  • When weather conditions are not so severe, schools may open later than usual. Buses may also be on snow routes. Please keep in mind that our district is very widespread and includes many hilly areas. Though sometimes it may look o.k. at your house, streets in the higher elevations may not be passable until the weather warms up a bit, and a 2-hour delay could be called for.