• Volunteering in our schools is a very rewarding experience and we greatly appreciate it.

    We have implemented a new system for signing in to volunteer at Willamette.

    You simply visit www.helpcounter.net/wlwv and click Start to fill out your application. Your registration will be received at our district office where it will be processed. Until your registration is processed, you won't be able to sign-in and volunteer at school. This process could take 2-3 days to complete. When the processing is complete, you will be notified by email.

    The first time that you actually sign-in to volunteer at any of our schools, you will be prompted to accept a Volunteer Agreement. In order to speed up the sign-in process, please review the agreement ahead of time. Accepting of the agreement is a one-time task to be completed at any school.

    As you complete the sign-in process each time you volunteer, the system will print a name badge for you. This needs to be worn at all times while you are serving in your volunteer capacity.