Head Lice

  • Head Lice are smaller than a sesame seed, wingless, with a flattened body. They lay eggs called "nits" and glue them to the hair shaft and skin. The nits are grayish in color, and are teardrop-shaped. They do not jump or fly.

    When there is an outbreak of head lice, we need everyone to be vigilant in their efforts to get rid of them! The first line of defense is to try and avoid contact with these parasites. Instruct your child not to share anything that has come into contact with another child's head, i.e., hair brushes, hair bands, hats, and sports helmets. The second is to check your child frequently, especially if you notice any itching of the scalp, to catch the problem as quickly as possible.

    Please notify the school if your child has head lice. If your child has head lice, you must purchase a lice shampoo and follow all the directions on the box. You must remove all nits and completely treat the home environment. All bedding must be washed, and all areas must be treated (mattresses, sofas, carpeting, cart seats, etc.)

    Please re-check your child's head every day for a couple of weeks. If you see live lice, you will need to repeat the treatment process again.