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 West Linn-Wilsonville NEWS

  • Art Tech High School Prints More Than Memories

    Posted by Andrew Kilstrom, West Linn Tidings at 5/19/2017

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    If you've been to West Linn-Wilsonville's Arts and Technology High School lately you might have noticed students walking around school wearing the same T-shirts and sweatshirts. You might even see staff with similar attire, and even a few members of the community around town if you look hard enough. [FULL STORY]

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  • Wilsonville High Presents 'Pride and Prejudice'

    Posted by Andrew Kilstrom, Wilsonville Spokesman at 5/18/2017

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    Wilsonville High's upcoming production of "Pride and Prejudice" is something of a curtain call for the theatre department's seniors, who will perform on the Wilsonville High stage for the last time. If everything goes according to plan, it will be the best and most memorable production of their high school careers. [FULL STORY]

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  • Boones Ferry's STEM Night Incorporates Fun with Science

    Posted by Andrew Kilstrom, Wilsonville Spokesman at 5/18/2017

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    Boones Ferry Primary hosted its annual STEM night Monday, May 8, introducing students and their families to a number of science, technology, engineering and math concepts. [FULL STORY]

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  • Arts & Technology High School to Graduate 33

    Posted by Andrew Kilstrom, West Linn Tidings at 5/15/2017


    Arts & Technology High School is expected to graduate 33 seniors this year. [FULL STORY]

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  • Youth Transition Program Emphasizes Hands-On Training

    Posted by Andrew Kilstrom, West Linn Tidings at 5/11/2017

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    Pay a visit to West Linn-Wilsonville's CREST (Center for Research in Environmental Sciences and Technologies) Headquarters on any given weekday afternoon and you're likely to find a contingent of high school students and community volunteers hard at work. They might be trimming bushes, sanding down picnic tables or even nailing together and painting signs to be used throughout the school district. But whatever they're doing, you can guarantee students are learning vocational skills as part of the district's Youth Transition Program. [FULL STORY]

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Superintendent's Message
Greetings West Linn-Wilsonville School Community -

Saludos comunidad escolar de West Linn-Wilsonville,

Dr. Kathy Ludwig

                  May 5, 2017
The sunshine and warmer temperature certainly lift the spirits and draw us to the natural beauty of Oregon and the many outdoor activities our students participate in during these spring months.  There is much to enjoy and celebrate with our students: Congratulations to the Inza R. Wood Middle School Mock Congressional Team for placing third in the nation! Congratulations to West Linn High School and Wilsonville High School for ranking 2nd and 4th respectively in the state as highest performing high schools (US News & World Report).  Stunning art exhibits, OBOB accomplishments, spring athletics and music concerts highlight other ways our students are excelling as their teachers, coaches and parents create the conditions for them to thrive.[Full Message - Mensaje Completo]

Calendar Today is: Tuesday, May 23, 2017

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