WLWV Student Technology Use Guidelines (Secondary Schools)

  • We provide a vast array of technological resources in order to enhance the educational experiences of our students, to gain operational efficiency and effectiveness, and to provide a safer environment. The West Linn - Wilsonville School Board has adopted a number of policies that either directly or indirectly address technology use. These include:

    • EGAAA - Reproduction of All Copyrighted Materials
    • IIBGA - Electronic Communications System
    • JFCEB - Personal Electronic Devices and Electronic Communications

    In addition to these board-adopted policies, the following lists additional expectations and things to be aware of in regard to the use of the technology:

    1. All use of district technology should be in support of my education. I will not personalize or change settings of any device that could be used by others. I will be careful not to damage (including permanent markings) any school-owned technology.
    2. When using district technology and systems, I understand that I am expected to use appropriate tone and content for the educational environment. I will behave online realizing that anything I do could potentially be viewed by employees of theschool district, even perhaps without my knowledge.
    3. I understand that I have the right and obligation to protect my files and other resources. Among other reasonable and appropriate measures, this includes periodic changing of passwords, properly securing devices, and exiting/logging out ofdata systems when not in active use. I will not leave my technology tools logged in when I am done using them.
    4. Use of my district provided accounts of any kind should be limited to me and by me. I will never access any other student’s accounts. I will not share my passwords with other students. Any time I suspect that a password to a district-related systemhas been intentionally or accidentally communicated, I will change it.
    5. Whenever possible, I will use district-provided systems to accomplish my educational objectives. If a system asks for personal information such as full name, address, ID number, birthdate, I will alert a teacher and proceed only after adult guidance.
    6. I respect that the adults who work at my school can direct my use of personally owned technology while at school (including on buses) and that this may include being asked to leave it at home or put it away. I will always check with teachers or administration regarding the specific rules at my school (which includes on school buses) before bringing technology to school. If allowed at school, I know that these tools are subject to district use guidelines.
    7. I recognize that I have off-site access to many technological tools and resources and that use of these tools is subject to the same expectations as for appropriate use at school.
    8. I know that vandalism of any kind or intentional misuse (including attempts to bypass the district’s content filtering system) of district electronic systems is strictly prohibited and may be met with disciplinary action.
    9. I will try my best to learn what it means to be a good digital citizen and strive to become a good digital citizen, both at school and outside of school.
    10. I will only sign up for online services in pursuit of my educational objectives in consultation with a teacher. I will not use district-provided email or information in order to sign up for non-school related services.