Summer School Program


    WHS Summer School

    Online Registration opens soon.

    June 15, 2020 - July 10, 2020 (No school on July 3)
    Courses will meet on campus Monday – Thursday and Fridays are hybrid learning days off campus.
    AM Class times - 8 am - 11:30 am       PM Class times - 12 pm - 3:30 pm

    WHS Summer School offers several courses that are designed as credit enhancement or go-ahead courses.  Courses include Health 1 (primarily for incoming 9th graders), Wellness II (prerequisite is Wellness I) and Health 2 (formerly Healthful Living - prerequisite is Health 1) - open to WLWV School District students only. A minimum of 15 students must be registered for any course to be held. PM classes are added once AM courses are full.

    WHS Summer School credit recovery courses are designed according to student need and interest. These typically include Biology, Algebra/Geometry and English 9 - 12 (open to Wilsonville High School students only).

    • A student may enroll in two summer school courses, a morning and an afternoon session, if available.
    • Students are only allowed 2 absences during Summer School. There are no exceptions to this attendance policy.
    • All courses receive 0.5 semester credit.
    • The fees are to be determined.

    If you have questions, please contact Julie Etzel at 503-673-7604

    Register for Summer School Courses

    Credit Recovery Courses
    (open to Wilsonville High School students only)

    Courses listed below allow students to earn credit for previously failed courses:

    • Biology - Skills-building Biology course with labs.
    • English 9/10/11/12 - Language arts course that selects a few key pieces of literature and provides writing opportunities
    • Algebra/Geometry - Skills building algebra/geometry course.

    Credit Enhancement Courses
    (Open to West Linn Wilsonville School District students only)

    • Health 1- 9th grade students.  Health topics include mental/emotional health, drug and alcohol education, nutrition, cardiovascular health, first aid/safety, HIV/AIDS education, human sexuality, and family relationships.
    • Wellness II - An advanced Health/PE course (prerequisite is Wellness I). Students participate in alternating units of Health and PE.
    • Health 2- An advanced Health course (prerequisite is Health 1 or Wellness II) designed to help students evaluate the life issues they face in areas of personal health (self esteem), personal character, relationships (dating, marriage, divorce), family, human development, sexuality, reproduction, STD's and abuse issues in society.