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     Student, Parent, and Staff Official Notification for the standards of conduct in our school.


     At Wilsonville High School, we believe that young people have the right to receive the best education that our resources can provide.  Our educational programs are rooted in six "Vision Themes" identified by our community and staff: 1) academic excellence; 2) personalized education; 3) community partnerships; 4) circle of support; 5) the whole person; and 6) integrated technology.  The orderly operation of our school requires the respectful cooperation of students, parents, community, staff, and the School Board.

    This guide is prepared and distributed annually to inform students of policies and practices as they apply to student rights and responsibilities.  It is understood that students have rights of citizenship as outlined in the United States and Oregon Constitutions. The following guidelines are written to correspond with all applicable local, state, and federal statutes.  Students shall have all rights to which they are entitled as outlined in this handbook.

    These rights also carry related responsibilities for each student. The school and home share responsibility to provide an educational program that will help students accept responsibility for their learning and their behavior.  Students are charged with the responsibility to contribute to a positive educational climate, to actively participate in learning, to behave appropriately, and to respect the rights of others. The rights and responsibilities described focus on school-sponsored activities.  Such activities include: 1) any activity on school grounds and school facilities during school hours (this includes traveling to and from school); 2) any activity financed or supervised by the school or school district on or off school grounds; 3) any activity that is the direct result of an in-school program; and 4) any activity requiring the use of district transportation.   

    This handbook is intended to be a guideline for the purpose of ensuring an environment conducive for optimal student learning.  It is only a partial representation of the laws, rules, and regulations governing the behavior of students. To that end, the contents herein shall be subject to periodic revision by the administration and school staff.