• 2022-2023 Parking Information 

    Parking on campus is a privilege and students may lose their parking permit as a result of violating school rules.


    Check each circle to acknowledge that you understand the parking agreements. *


    • Park on school property with PERMIT ONLY in designated spaces. Any motorized vehicles on school property without a valid parking permit will be subject to a fine.

    • Parking permits must be displayed clearly.

    • Drive the speed limit in the parking lot (10 MPH or less). Excessive speed and/or inappropriate/reckless driving on and around school property is never permissible. Violators will forfeit their parking permit.

    • Leaving the front entrance - Yield to pedestrians and DO NOT pass cars at the intersection.

    • Driving behind the school - It is not permissible to drive behind the school for any reason.

    • Boeckman lot - Practice extreme care as this is a busy parking lot/driveway with a high number of walking families with young children.

    • Maintain good standing with regards to Attendance. Students attendance will be 90% or greater. This is about 2 missed days a month, this includes excused and unexcused absences. Students will arrive to class on time, especially the first class of the day and following lunch.

    • Update vehicle information with the Attendance Office if there is a change to primary vehicle on campus.

    • Understand that a vehicle on campus is an extension of their personal belongings and could be subject to search as outlined in the student rights and responsibilities handbook.

    • Identify self and the occupants of their vehicles when requested to do so by authorities.

    • Be respectful with their vehicle and understand inappropriate signs (confederate flags, gang signs, etc.) are NOT allowed to be displayed while parked on school property.

    • Wilsonville High School is not responsible for damages, theft, or vandalism.