• Parking Information 

    Please use this link to request a parking spot for the 2021-2022 school year. Parking at Wilsonville High School is limited and not guaranteed.  Due to the construction on campus we have fewer parking spaces for staff and students. We will collect parking requests until August 28th. At that time we will begin assigning spots. Seniors will get priority for parking permits and Juniors will be put into a lottery for remaining spaces.  We do not anticipate having any parking spaces for sophomores. We will notify students that they have been assigned a parking spot by August 30. Students can then come in and pick up their parking pass and pay the $40.00 fee. 

     All spaces will be assigned and all student parking will be in the Front, Pointe, and Tennis lots.  Boeckman Creek lot will only be available for staff parking and busses.  There is no student traffic through the Boeckman creek parking lot.