• 2024-2025 Parking Information 

    Student parking is limited but allowed with a school-issued permit.  Licensed drivers with a parking pass are permitted to park in the front, the point, in the PAC or in Boeckman Creek Primary School lots in spots not marked with "STAFF" or “VISITOR” or "FEC".  Students entering the 11th or 12th grade can apply for a parking permit by completing this form:  Student Parking Application   We will honor 12th grade applications first and then award parking permits to 11th grade students as space is available. Applications will be reviewed beginning August 12th, and students will be notified about their permit status later that week. Link to parking permit application here (note: students must be signed in to their school Google Account in order to access the form). 


    The fee for a parking permit is $50 and will be due before the parking permit can be issued. 


    Parking Agreement. 

    • Park on school property with a visible PERMIT, ONLY in designated student spaces. Any motorized vehicles on school property without a valid parking permit or parked in an unauthorized space will be subject to a fine.
    • Parking permits must be hung on the rearview mirror.
    • Drive the speed limit in the parking lot (10 MPH or less). Excessive speed and/or inappropriate/reckless driving on and around school property is never permissible. Violators will forfeit their parking permit.
    • Leaving the front entrance - Yield to pedestrians and DO NOT pass cars at the intersection.
    • Driving behind the school - It is not permissible to drive behind the school for any reason.
    • Boeckman lot - Practice extreme care as this is a busy parking lot/driveway with a high number of walking families with young children.
    • Maintain good standing with regards to Attendance. Students attendance will be 90% or greater. This is about 2 missed days a month, this includes excused and unexcused absences. Students will arrive to class on time, especially the first class of the day and following lunch.
    • Update vehicle information with the Administrative Assistant, Jamie Lash located in the main office if there is a change to primary vehicle on campus.
    • Understand that a vehicle on campus is an extension of their personal belongings and could be subject to search as outlined in the student rights and responsibilities handbook.
    • Identify self and the occupants of their vehicles when requested to do so by authorities.
    • Be respectful with their vehicle and understand inappropriate signs (confederate flags, gang signs, etc.) are NOT allowed to be displayed while parked on school property.
    • Wilsonville High School is not responsible for damages, theft, or vandalism.

     Parking on campus is a privilege and students may lose their parking permit as a result of violating school rules.