AP Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the advantages of taking an AP course?

    AP courses are a full-year that cover the material of an introductory college course. They provide an opportunity for understanding concepts in greater depth and detail. The courses also prepare students for college academics and may lead to college credit, advanced placement, or both. 

    How many AP courses can or should I forecast for?  

    We recommend no more than two to three AP courses per year for most students. When deciding how many AP courses that a student can comfortably handle, keep in mind co-curricular commitments to sports, performing arts and work, along with the time commitment associated with each AP course.

    Do I receive college credit if I take an AP course?

    Students have the potential to earn college credit based on their AP exam scores. AP exams are scored between 1-5. Students who earn a 3 or better on the AP exam have passed the exam. The number of college credits granted for AP exam scores vary from college to college, so students should contact the colleges that they are considering for their AP credit policies.

    Are AP courses weighted?

    Yes, AP courses at Wilsonville High School are weighted on a 5-point GPA scale.

    If I take an AP course, do I have to take the exam? 

    Yes, participation in the AP exam administration in May is required as part of the AP designation at Wilsonville High School. The cost for the exam is set each year and the exams occur during the first two weeks of May. Scores earned on an AP exam are not included as part of the final grade, however, the exam is required for the AP weighted grade and designation on your transcript.