• Geometry means “Earth Measure”. In this class, students will learn vocabulary, notation, concepts and strategies to measure the earth around them. Topics studied in this class include: patterns, basic notation, measurement of segments and angles, basic logic, triangles, proof, similarity, polygons, circles, right triangles and trigonometry, area, volume, and more.


Geometry: Week-by-Week

  • Week 1

    Monday1/28: No School

    Tuesday: Squaring vs Square Rooting 1/2 sheet

    Wednesday: 8.2a  Pythagorean Theorem Intro 1/2 sheet

    Thursday: CK12 Using Square roots to solve quadratic equations

    Friday:  4 Pythagorean Theorem in class practice problems  

     Week 2

    Monday 2/4: 3 Pythagorean Theorem Story Problems   

    Tuesday: Snow day! (Be sure you do your CK12(see last Thursday's post) and the 3 problems from yesterday.

    Wednesday: Squaring, Square root, Pythagorean Theorem Quiz, CK12 45-45-90 triangles reading and #1-11 (on separate paper)

    Friday: 45-45-90 (isosceles right) triangles continued practice. 



    Week 3

    Monday 2/11: Pythagorean Spiral (decorate for extra credit!)

    Block A: Pg 1 of the 8.1-8.3 Mid Chapter Test Review

    Block B: Finished Pythagorean Spiral,  Pg 2 of the 8.1-8.3 Mid Chapter Test Review (see yesterday's link)

    Friday: Review Q & A, Whiteboard review practice

    ANSWER KEY for Review: Will be posted HERE Monday 2/18 ( TEST TUESDAY 2/19)


    Week 4

    Monday 2/18: No School

    Tuesday: 8.1-8.3 mid chapter Test

    Block A: Trigonometric ratios( 1/2 sheet)

    Block B: Right Triangle Trig practice ( full sheet) Need help? Watch this video


    Week 5

    Monday 2/25 (2 hr late start): Correct equations on mid chapter test

    Tuesday: (ms. Schaaf sick): Work Day

    Wed: SNOW DAY

    Thurs/Friday: Inverse Trig Notes (how to use trig table)


    Week 6

    Monday 3/4: Correct front page of mid chapter test, Right Triangle Trigonometry Word Problems WS

    Tuesday: Chapter 8 Review     

    Chapter 8 Review- SOLUTIONS  

    Wed/Thurs: Work on review

    Friday : Chapter 8 Test


    Week 7

    Monday 3/11: Extra credit day/work with Ms. Schaaf on small test errors

    Tuesday: 6.1a Guided Notes   HW: 6.1 a pg 393 #1-7, 38b, 44a, 46, 47 

    Block B/C: 6.1b Exterior Angle Sum Theorem (always 360 degrees! yay) (1/2 sheet)

    Friday: 6.2 Properties of Parallelograms (1/2 sheet)


    Week 8

    Monday 3/18 6.2b Properties of Parallelograms continued practice (1/2 sheet)

    Tuesday 6.3 Proving Parallelograms (1/2 sheet)

    Block: 6.4 Rectangles (1/2 sheet)

    Friday: 6.1-6.4 Quiz


    --------Spring Break--------


    Week 9

    Monday 4/1: 6.5a Rhombi

    Tuesday: 6.5b Squares

    Block B/C: Constructing shapes with toothpicks and/or straws (Turn in sheet where I stamped off your shapes)

    Friday: 6.6 Travezoids   HW: BUILD KITE!!


    Week 10:

    Monday 4/8: NO SCHOOL (Teacher work day)


    Block A:

    Block B/C: Chapter 6 TEST


    Week (?)

    Tuesday: Volume Practice:  Ice Cream Cones, Rectangular Prisms (Green Box), Spheres, Cylinders