Academic Expectations

  • Students have the RESPONSIBILITY:

    • To monitor their own academic performance and progress.  
    • To participate in class and complete assigned work promptly.
    • To behave in a manner that promotes a positive academic environment.
    • To demonstrate academic integrity and refrain from plagiarism or cheating.

    Students have the RIGHT:

    • To be informed of, and to participate in, an appropriate course of study.
    • To use and benefit from up-to-date print and electronic resources.  
    • To be informed of the teacher's expectations, assessment procedures and policies, and evaluation criteria in each class.
    • To be informed of their academic performance and progress or changes in grade status in a timely manner, including electronically via the school website.

    The primary purpose of public education is the education of the youth of the community.  Students have the right to an appropriate education, and the responsibility to be actively involved in the learning process.  "Public school students shall comply with the rules for the government of such schools, pursue the prescribed course of study, use the prescribed textbooks and submit to the teachers' authority." ORS 339.250 (1)


    Wilsonville High School is committed to offering a program of educational excellence.  Advanced Placement and/or college-level classes are currently available in social studies, language arts, mathematics, science, world languages, music, fine arts, and computer science.  Specialized services and classes are available for the handicapped and special education students. For specific information, please refer to the Wilsonville High School Forecasting Guide.


    Parents and students may monitor academic progress and attendance via the Wilsonville High School website.  Grades are posted electronically throughout the school year every two weeks. If unable to access grades online, parents may contact teachers via e-mail or telephone.  A printed copy of grades is available upon request.



    In order to earn a diploma from the West Linn-Wilsonville School District, students must meet competency requirements and earn a minimum of 24 units of credit in grades 9-12.  Please contact the counseling department for additional information on credit requirements in content areas. One half(0.5) credit is earned by successfully completing a semester's work in one course.  In order to participate in the graduation ceremony and attend grad night party, students must have successfully completed all academic requirements and complied with all behavioral guidelines.