Students have the RIGHT:

    • To attend school if they have not completed graduation requirements or reached the age of 19.  If a student's 19th birthday occurs during the school year, he/she shall continue to be eligible to attend for the remainder of the school year.  Students may attend school until the age of 21 if the student is receiving special education. ORS 339.115
    • To receive information about alternative education programs when erratic attendance, poor academic performance, or serious disciplinary issues are keeping the student from benefiting from his/her educational program. ORS 339.250 ORS 339.065 (2)

    Students have the RESPONSIBILITY:

    • To attend all classes on all scheduled school days.
    • To be punctual and observe policies governing absences or late arrivals.  Parents have the responsibility to inform the school by phone or in writing of their child's absence and the reason thereof.
    • To resolve all absences within 24 hrs by note or phone call (503.673.7602) to the Attendance Office.



    For any anticipated absence that will be more than one day, students are expected to pick up a Pre-arranged Absence Form from the attendance office to take around to their teachers.  Upon completion, the form must be returned to the attendance office at least one day prior to the absence.


    When students need to leave school during the school day they are expected to check in and/or out at the attendance office.  A reasonable effort will be made to notify a parent when the student leaves school.


    A student who is absent from school or from any class without permission will be considered unexcused and will be subject to disciplinary action including detention, Saturday school, in-school or out-of-school suspension, and/or other possible interventions.  Students are ineligible to participate or practice in athletics or activities on the day the unexcused absence occurs.



    Upon request:  When a student is or will be absent for three or more school days, the attendance office will work with teachers to provide assignments and/or make-up work for the days missed.  Please contact the attendance office (503.673.7602) to make such a request. Collecting work for short-term excused absences (1-2 days) or pre-arranged absences is the responsibility of the students who should contact teachers directly.