Students have the RIGHT:

    • To express themselves verbally, in writing or by assembly, in such a way that they do not violate the rights of other individuals or groups.
    • To attend school in an atmosphere free of slurs based on religion, race, creed, color, national origin, sex, marital status, age or disability.
    • To attend school in an atmosphere free of verbal assaults, privacy invasion, profanities, obscenities (as outlined in Oregon Revised Statutes), ridicule, threats of physical harm, and physical harm.
    • To express affection for friends and staff in an appropriate manner.
    • To dress and groom according to their choice, within the guidelines of what is appropriate for school.

    Students have the RESPONSIBILITY:

    • To respect another person's right to privacy, and a responsibility not to invade either verbally or in publication, another person's lawful right to privacy without the person's consent.
    • To understand the effects of their expressions on other individuals or groups.  (Verbal assaults, harassment, profanity and obscenity are prohibited.)
    • To refrain from public displays of affection.
    • To dress and groom in a manner that is modest, neat, and clean, and to dress and groom in keeping with a positive school climate.


    The student is entitled to verbally express his/her personal opinions, provided that it does not disrupt the learning environment, undermine the authority of staff members, or infringe on the rights of other students.  The use of verbal assaults, harassment, profanities, obscenities, or ridicule may result in disciplinary action.


    All aspects of school-sponsored publications, including newspapers and/or yearbooks, are completely under the supervision of the teacher and administrators.  Students may be required to submit such publications to the administration for prior approval.

    Written materials, flyers, photographs, pictures, petitions, films, tapes or other visual or auditory materials may not be sold, circulated or distributed on district property by a student or a non-student without the approval of the administration.  Materials outside the editorial control of the district must be submitted to the principal or his designee for review and approval before being distributed to students. Materials shall be reviewed based on legitimate educational concerns.



    Wilsonville High School recognizes the constitutional right of students to assemble.  Student assembly should be related to the school program, must not disrupt classes or the learning environment, and must not cause a hazard to persons or property.  Requests for student assembly shall be made in advance to the principal. Students will be notified of the decision and conditions governing the assembly within a reasonable time.


    Each student's appearance must be neat, clean, and appropriate for school.  Dress and appearance which may cause disruption of the educational process or present immediate health or safety problems shall not be permitted.  Attire that shows words, pictures, or symbols which make reference to illegal substances (drugs, alcohol, tobacco, etc.) is prohibited. Clothing that promotes negative concepts, profanity, or support for anarchical behavior and/or gang affiliation is prohibited.  Students may be sent home to locate appropriate clothing.