Students have the RIGHT:

    • To use the district's network for educational purposes including academic research, professional or career development, and limited high-quality exploration of appropriate personal interests.

    Students have the RESPONSIBILITY:

    • To use the computer for school-related and academic purposes only and to log off the network properly, returning the computer to its standard state for the next user.
    • To comply with expectations with respect to illegal activity, system security, inappropriate conduct, limited expectation of privacy, plagiarism, copyright infringement, inappropriate access of material, and other restrictions of computer use.   
    • To protect and maintain confidentiality of network username and password, and to report to administration or technology staff if you suspect someone is using your account to gain access to the school network.


    Students have the responsibility to ensure that their electronic devices (Mp3s, iPods, cell phones, etc.) do not disrupt the learning environment. Refer to WLWV district policy, Personal Electronic Devices and Electronic Communication: JFCEB.