Any medication administered or taken at school must be done in accordance with state guidelines and school district policy.  Written parent and/or physician permission is required for all prescription, non-prescription and self administered medication.  Forms may be obtained from the counseling office and questions should be directed to the school nurse. Parents of students with special health needs (i.e. diabetes, etc.) are encouraged to work with the district nurse to develop a plan for emergent/urgent health problems.  



    Closure due to inclement weather or unforeseen emergencies will be communicated to families in a timely manner.  The district will communicate information on School and District Websites as well as local media outlets and other electronic means.  


    • Fire Drill/Earthquake/Emergency Evacuation:  
      • Drills will be scheduled at approximately one-month intervals throughout the school year.
    • Evacuation Procedures: All students must be familiar with the regulations and procedures outlined below.
      • Proceed quietly to the designated safe area, stay with the rest of his/her respective class, and check in with his/her assigned classroom teacher.
      • Wait for the all clear signal from administration before returning to the building.
    • Earthquake Drill Procedures:

      • Students are expected to drop and cover, turn away from windows, stay under shelter until shaking stops, and listen for instructions.