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    Getting tackled in football looks like it would really hurt if players weren't wearing padding...Why don't more players get hurt?




    Some of the best swings in baseball, tennis, or golf involve what's called "follow-through".  What's so important about that technique?

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    Helmets are worn by athletes in many sports and activities, but what purpose do they serve?


    *** All photos were obtained from Wilsonville High School sports pages or Local Newspaper Postings and feature WHS Students ***

    These are all great questions! We all want to have fun, do well, and be safe in any activity in which we participate. Many sports, hobbies, interests, and activities rely heavily on the principles of momentum and impulse to guarantee safety. To flesh out our study of momentum, we are going to focus in on some applications as they apply to YOUR sports, hobbies, interests, and activities.

    You will be completing several preliminary tasks, including some research, some practice problems, and some online simulations in order to prepare you for the final task, which will be a detailed analysis of a physical activity of your choice!

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