• 6th Grade Social Studies and Language Arts

    Mr. Sandell: sandellg@wlwv.k12.or.us

    Welcome to Social Studies and Language Arts. I look forward to a wonderful year of thinking and learning with you.

    In sixth grade social studies, we will focus on how humans spread all over the globe, the impact of agriculture and settling, and the growth of ancient civilizations. We will examine current events around the world and connect today’s world with our history. Examining the geography, religion, achievements, politics, economics, and social structures of each area of study will help give us a better picture of our place in our world. In a bigger way, we look at the question: “Who are we and how may we become ourselves?”


    CLASSROOM EXPECTATIONS:  Please remember that this is your classroom too.  Each person plays a part.  Together, we can create a healthy, welcoming learning environment by following these rules: Do your best, be kind, be helpful, and work hard. 


    GRADING:  During each quarter, you will receive s grades in a few areas, depending on the assignment: : 1) Academic Learning Targets, which address the more summative assignments and assessments; 2) Formative Assessments, which are the steps building up to the summative assessment; , and 3) Completes Work on Time, which is essentially a note about whether things were on time or not (less of a grade and more of a notice for student and family awareness).

    Academic Learning Targets and Formative Work: Your work is evaluated using a 6-point scale. At the end of the quarter, your evaluations are converted into a letter grade. A = mostly 5's, B = mostly 4's, C = mix of 3's and 4's, NYM = mostly 3's and below show you are not yet meeting our learning targets.

    6  Exceptional

    Wow! Work is complete, thorough and unique. You express complex connections beyond what is required or expected. Your thinking, communication and presentation demonstrate advanced mastery.

    5  Accomplished

    You got it! Work is complete and demonstrates a high level of understanding and craftsmanship. You show evidence of comprehending the material, applying it, and communicating clearly what you learned.

    4  Sufficient

    Good work! Work adequately demonstrates an understanding of key concepts.  Your work shows minor errors, or a need for improvement in craftsmanship and/or better communication of what you learned.

    3  Developing

    Keep going! You demonstrate effort toward learning and are getting closer to the target(s). Work needs revision or additions to demonstrate thorough understanding or craftsmanship.

    2  Inadequate

    Try again! Work demonstrated a lack of understanding, is incomplete or incorrect. Major revisions or additions are required to show competency.

    1  Minimal

    Very little work completed or accurate.

    Completes Work on Time: This area for reporting covers the opportunities to practice so you can be successful on final assignments and projects. These may include homework, class notes, or early drafts of writing. 

    1/1 = complete and on time, 0.5/1 = incomplete or late, 0/0 = not turned in. 

    This is not a grade, it’s reporting. It may connect to a graded piece, though. It can be a reminder of a missing assignment or the need to better use class time.




    CLASS SUPPLIES – For our social studies class, you need the following:



    • 1” Binder for this class only
    • 2 dividers – The POCKETED DIVIDERS are the best. Please try to get dividers with pockets! Plastic ones with pockets are even better. The paper ones tend to fall apart.
    • Pens and Pencils
    • Journal (composition or spiral)




    Attendance/Missed Class:

    If you are absent, DO TAKE ACTION! Recognize that teachers see many students. If you are not in class, take the steps to get on track with what you missed.  Please talk with a classmate, check the website, and check with your teachers DIRECTLY. A great thing to do is email your teachers using your district email. When you come to see a teacher personally, IT IS ALWAYS BEST TO VISIT BETWEEN 9:00 & 9:10 IN THE MORNING. When a class period begins, teachers will likely be working with the whole class. It’s not always possible to provide any help at that time.