• Welcome to Mrs. G's Music Website!

    I hope you are all home safe & healthy. Teachers have been hard at work preparing to provide Supplemental Learning for all our students starting next week. I'm hopeful that the majority of students will be able to participate in these activities so that they will get to experience musical growth every day. Some of the activities require their instrument but not all of them.The week of April 13 and onward will require students to have their instrument at home.
    April 6-10: Supplemental Learning will begin in Google Classroom. Students are asked to log in every day and complete the daily activity. Each day has a choice of 3 musical activities. Students will record their progress on the response sheet and complete the reflection on Friday. 

    Instrument Pick-Up: Families who need to pick up their instrument from school need to follow these directions. 
    *REPLY to this message so I can pull your instrument from the shelf ahead of time.
    *Date & Time: Wednesday, April 8th 8:00-11:00 a.m.
    *Protocol: The teacher must be the person to distribute the material. No students will be allowed access to the buildings. There will be tables set up curbside with a sign out form. Even if you own the instrument, this will show that it was delivered personally. While you fill out/sign the forms, the teacher will retrieve the item. 

    Grades for Q3: Will be entered in report cards just as they are now in Schoolmaster. All assignments are on hold, including the Solo Project

    Stay well, everyone, and students please log in to Google Classroom on Monday!
    Mrs. G teaches Orchestra and Guitar. For more information about these two classes, please click on the page tabs on the left. Classroom location: Stage, first door on the left when headed down the gym & music hallway. 
    All music students will need notebook paper, pencils, an ID tag for their instrument case. Guitar students will need a folder; orchestra students will need a black binder. Please check your class' page for a complete list of supplies. 
    Mrs. G appreciates donations of tissue boxes and pencils
    Please no food, candy, gum or drinks that are not water during class, except during a class party or if provided by the teacher.
    Students are expected to bring their instrument to each class (except cello and bass players) and keep it in good working condition. School instruments are available for free check-out on a limited first come, first served basis. If you need help with an instrument issue such as a broken string, please see Mrs. G.