• Welcome to Orchestra! 

    Information for 6th graders who are interested in Orchestra:
    Orchestra Informational VideoForecasting Video
    Get to know all the instruments in Orchestra! Click here to watch a string instrument DEMO VIDEO.
    What can I expect in Orchestra? Here is a Q & A for Incoming 6th Graders at Rosemont. You will find lots of information about our school Orchestra program.
    What will I need in Orchestra? You can rent or purchase an instrument, or use a school instrument. You will also need a method book: Essential Elements book 1. At the beginning of the year you will receive all the information about how to get an instrument, and we usually have a Rental Night where you can get your instrument and/or supplies. For a complete list of supplies please click here.
    How does playing an instrument help me as a learner? Research shows that taking a year-long instrumental music class is one of the best things for students, because it helps their brain develop in ways that no other subject or activity can. Here are some facts about the benefits of music education  and why it can make a huge difference in a child's academic growth.
    Should I take private lessons? It's a great idea to take private lessons! However, it is not necessary in order to be in Orchestra. We will cover all the beginner basics in class. It is very important to practice at home, and lessons are an additional option you could consider if it works for your family.
    The Resources Tab to the left has a few links you might find helpful: Local Music Stores and Private Strings Teachers.