Welcome Letter

  • Greetings and welcome to Rosemont Ridge Middle School; an amazing place filled with bright, creative, thoughtful young people and truly dedicated and talented staff.

    My name is Debi Briggs- Crispin and I have the honor and privilege of serving as the principal of this outstanding school and learning community. I have had the pleasure of being a member of this school community for 15 years – three as the assistant principal and 12 as the principal – and I look forward to continuing to serve this wonderful community and the delightful young people who walk through our doors.

    Middle school is a very important time in a student’s life. During 6th, 7th, and 8th grade adolescents go through tremendous changes and truly need to be members of a school community that is caring and supportive while engaging them in highly rigorous, challenging, and relevant learning experiences. And Rosemont Ridge is just that sort of place. The staff is extremely dedicated to our students and to providing an atmosphere of caring support and academic challenge. As a middle school staff, our goal is that each and every student leaves Rosemont Ridge feeling confident about themselves as learners and as community members. We are deeply committed to helping our students gain the knowledge, skills, and insights that will lead them to a successful future in school and beyond. We also value helping them fully develop into good thinkers and thoughtful people. The development of strong character and successful learner habits takes time and requires feedback from caring, supportive adults. Our vision statement reads: We strive to be a caring, joyful, inclusive and healthy learning community. We at Rosemont value this important work with our students and look forward to furthering their growth during this exciting time of life.

    As educators we also know that the parent-student-teacher partnership is extremely important to a student’s overall success. Our teachers truly value this relationship and provide families with numerous avenues for communication, input and involvement. We believe that this home-school partnership plays a significant role in a student’s overall success and we welcome parent input and involvement. In addition, we are so very fortunate to live and work in a community that values the education of ALL of our students and we are grateful to the parent support our students receive. Our PTO (Parent/Teacher Organization) is a very active parent group that coordinates a tremendous number of valuable activities and events for our students and families.

    Rosemont Ridge, home of the Coyotes, is a wonderful community of students, staff and families and we look forward to the years you and your family will be a member of ours.


    Debi Briggs-Crispin
    Principal, Ed. D.