• The Week of September 16-20

    Monday - Personal Collage of My Cultural Markers

    HMWK - Finish up Collage if not finished in class today


    Tuesday - Food Narratives - Food and Culture Narrative Examination for Writer Moves

    HMWK -


    Wednesday- Food Narratives Writer Moves and My Narrative Planning

    HMWK - Narrative Planning (if not finished in class)


    Thursday - Food Narrative - Finish Planning and Start Writing (In Class Writing)

    HMWK - 


    Friday - Food Narrative Writing / Revising




    The Week of September 9-13

    Monday - The Nacirema: Identifying Cultural Markers

    HMWK - American Anthropologist Assignment - Observation Assignment


    Tuesday - American Anthropologist Assignment - Investigative Writing Piece

    HMWK - Finish: American Anthropologist Assignment - Investigative Writing Piece


    Wednesday- Write-Alike Sharing / Personal Collage and Cultural Markers

    HMWK - Pictures for Personal Collage


    Thursday - Personal Collage Planning

    HMWK - Finish Personal Collage

    Friday - Personal Collage - Cultural Markers





    The Week of September 2-6

    Monday - Labor Day Holiday

    HMWK -  Bring Signed Syllabus (if you haven't already)

    Tuesday -Computer Time: crafting an email to teachers 1,2,4 / Circle 5

    HMWK - Bring Signed Syllabus (if you haven't already) 

    Wednesday- Emailing a Teacher 1,2,4,5 / Circle 6

    HMWK - 

    Thursday - Culture: Define and Understand Cultural Markers

    HMWK - 

    Friday - Culture: Noting Cultural Markers