7th grade: What's happening this week?

  • Week of 11/12

    Posted by Tyler Marshall on 11/12/2019

    Happy Veterans Day!


    Tuesday we will be doing our weekly challenge on the current events of impeachment. (Article available in class)


    Wednesday we will take a mini-quiz on forms of government and compare which forms of government are MOST and LEAST SECURE, or MOST and LEAST EFFECIENT.


    Thursday and Friday students will go through a model of the Roman Republic and how historical governments met the needs of people at the time.

     Roman Republic Reading

    Students were given their essays back and can make revisions anytime for the rest of this week (by Friday November 15th)

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  • Week of 11/4

    Posted by Tyler Marshall on 11/4/2019

    This week we are wrapping up our Geography Unit with a all class discussion on our recommendations

    Monday students receive their preparation packet: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1PlqQ2OiVCJMpkbX5bwn6-DNh-4SqcR83C4GWc4j_ytg/edit?usp=sharing 

    Tuesday we will have the discussion in two groups during class and write recommendations.

    Wednesday we will be starting a new unit and get new seats!

    The new unit is on government, answering the essential questions

    What makes a system of government good?

    How has the idea of what makes government good changed over time?

    What factors influenced those changes?

    We will do an exercise where students can experience different forms of government in making a class decision.


    Thursday we will be comparing forms of government iCivics “Forms of Government” reading and worksheet

    and Friday we will do a mixer where we meet heads of different governments in different places around the world!

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  • Week of 10/29

    Posted by Tyler Marshall on 10/29/2019

    This week in social studies, students will be completing their essays on human's impacts on the environment.

    Students will receive support on designing paragraphs Tuesday, and do a Peer Review on Wednesday.


    All resources for the essay are posted on google classroom, including a rubric for the essay and graphic organizers to support students in their writing.


    Essays are due Wednesday night at 11:59 PM!

    Thursday and Friday we will look at examples of sustainability throughout history to prepare for the closing of our unit, where students get to make recommendations for their ideal society answering the question "how should humans be in relationship with the environment?"

    The resources for this assignment will be posted on Google Classroom.

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  • Week of 10/21

    Posted by Tyler Marshall on 10/20/2019

    Monday we will wrap up our climate trial by reviewing the jury's verdict and writing our own reflection.

    Tuesday we will begin gathering evidence for our essay using this document: 


    Wednesday students will create and share claims and evidence, and Thursday and Friday they will write the essay in class.

    Student's have access to all sources on my website and on the Google Classroom Assignment.


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  • Week of 10/14

    Posted by Tyler Marshall on 10/11/2019

    Monday we are back to our weekly challenge,this time in writing.

     We will look at another theorist, Yuval Noah Harari (Social Scientist, PhD from Oxford), author of the book Sapiens, to see another perspective on the agricultural revolution that is not as positive as what we see in Guns, Germs, and Steel. Students will read this excerpt aloud and highlight similarities and then differences with Jared Diamond. Reading is available here

    Tuesday we will look at our second part of our unit question "

    "How do humans impact the geography around them?" by watching one more clip from Jared Diamond's documentary (45:50-46:20), and look at examples in the lives of people around the world impacted by climate change:


    Wednesday and Thursday students will participate in a Climate Trial, trying to figure out who is responsible for the climate crisis. (Materials available in class)


    Friday students will add to their quick write in google classroom with their answer to the second half of our unit question "how do humans impact the geography around them?"

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  • Week of 10/7

    Posted by Tyler Marshall on 10/7/2019

    Monday, we will use our reading skills to apply Jared Diamond's theory of the food surplus cycle.

    Students will continue their quick write from Friday (on Google Classroom) by adding examples from the articles about China (type into your document in red text) and Africa (type onto your document in blue text)


    Tuesday we will look at a last segment of the video for Jared Diamond's theory on Latitude, and add to our Cornell notes.

                  Watch min 46:19-49:41 of episode 1 and  Watch min 27:51-32.54 in episode 2


    Wednesday we will do a "chose your own adventure" and either review the concept we did not understand and edit our quick writes or add to our quick writes with an enrichment.

    Then all students will complete a summary of Jared Diamond's ideas in class using the notes from the video, their quick write, and their review or enrichment.

    Here is a basic overview of the food surplus cycle if you need a review:


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  • Week of 9/30

    Posted by Tyler Marshall on 9/30/2019

    This week in social studies we will finish our weekly challenge on Greta Thunberg with a written reflection on Monday.

    Tuesday - Thursday we will be watching Guns Germs and Steel and practicing Cornell Notes.

    Link to the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b9q1eRmJLd0

    The key quotes we want to discuss are in this document:  https://docs.google.com/document/d/1hle-dEB3IXAc6uYponoV_OkEKsY76YkN6y4vUTEYAik/edit


    Friday We will apply Jared Diamond's theory to some of the places we studied in the world: China and the Middle East


    The assignment is listed on google classroom 

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  • Week of 9/23

    Posted by Tyler Marshall on 9/21/2019

    Monday will be our Weekly Challenge. This week we are looking at a TED Talk by Greta Thunberg:


    Tuesday we will take our first quiz on the GRAPES of our first unit.

    Students have a study guide available here:


    and GRAPES notes from the presentations available here:


    Wednesday is the FUND RUN, no social studies class meeting

    Thursday we will review our quizzes and wrap up our world tour.

    Friday we will have new seats, and do our introduction to our new unit on Geography.


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  • Week of 9/16

    Posted by Tyler Marshall on 9/16/2019

    Monday is our weekly challenge:



    Tuesday we will be creating posters


    Wednesday we will finish posters and practice our presentations


    Thursday and Friday are presentations, with some time to review and prepare for Monday's quiz.


    Next Monday the 23rd is our first quiz!

    Tuesday the 24th will be our next weekly challenge!

    Wed the 25th is the Coyote Fund Run!

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  • Week of 9/9

    Posted by Tyler Marshall on 9/9/2019

    Welcome to week 2!

    Monday we will be completing our weekly challenge in class, where we discuss a topic and practice pulling evidence from sources and analyzing them. Monday's weekly challenge and the note sheet are here:

    Critical Analysis Notesheet

    Video “Everyday Leadership”

    Transcript of "Everyday Leadership" video


    Tuesday Mrs Coreson our library will be teaching students some research skills for using World Book, Newsela, and our classroom textbooks for research on our GRAPES project. I will post notes here at the end of the day!


    Wednesday we will have a mini lesson on using cornel notes, we will use this format for our notes:



    After the mini lesson, students will spend the rest of Wednesday, Thursday and Friday doing research in their groups. They have created a calendar with their own research schedules, and I will be supporting them. Some great sites to check out if you are working on this at home are to go through the Rosemont Ridge Library Homepage, then click the yellow button for "Research Help" which takes you here: https://www.wlwv.k12.or.us/Page/15423

    We will use Newsela and World Book online but not OSLIS.

    Feel free to email me any questions!

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