7th grade: What's happening this week?

  • Week of 1/13

    Posted by Tyler Marshall on 1/12/2020

    This week we will keep exploring the role of religion in society.

    Monday's weekly challenge is on the Stonecutter a Japanese folktale teaching people to not want what they cannot have.

    Tuesday we will finish our Cornell notes on an assigned world religion (template and links on google classroom), tracking the values of that religion and its role in society.

    Wednesday we will be sharing our summaries in mixed groups.

    Thursday we will be working on vocabulary for our primary sources on religion and then beginning to read primary sources.

    Friday we will finish reading the primary sources, and write a quick write (on google classroom) sharing which teachings resonated with us the most.

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  • Happy New Year! Week of 1/6

    Posted by Tyler Marshall on 1/6/2020

    Welcome to a New Year and a New Unit!


    We are starting to explore World Religions, looking specifically at the question of "What is the function of religion in societies across the world? What moral codes or lessons do religions teach?"

    Monday= no school

    Tuesday we will do our weekly challenge with a childhood story, Jack and the Beanstalk, where students will identify some of the moral codes or lessons that fables teach children. We will note down 3 lessons learned or behaviors that Jack engages in that are rewarded in this story, and summarize the lesson that Jack and the Beanstalk Teaches. 


    Wednesday we will talk about our classroom culture for studying religion, since it is a deeply personal topic and many religions have multiple interpretations. We will also do a Gallery Walk to develop questions about the role religion might play in society. 


    Thursday we will read about Christianity in our World History Textbook (pages 318-321) and practice our Cornell note strategy, looking specifically for values or morals this religion teaches and ways it helps society. 


    Friday we will jigsaw the 4 other major world religions (Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Judaism) and students will explore the morals or values these religions teach and their role in society.

    The readings are on World Book Encyclopedia, which can only be accessed through our school library website.

    Students will be assigned either Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism or Judaism and will take Cornell notes using the model from Thursday. An electronic copy of the Cornell note guide (with teacher notes) is available here



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  • Week of 12/16

    Posted by Tyler Marshall on 12/16/2019

    Happy Spirit Week!


    Monday we are getting our essay feedback (students in Nuance can find their feedback in their essay document on google classroom!) and doing our Weekly Challenge (Available on Google Classroom, challenge #10)


    Tuesday and Wednesday we will be designing our own governments, materials you will need include:

    Sample Project (by Mr Marshall)

    Brainstorming Sheet

    Demographic Info for our Imaginary Civilization


    Thursday we will do a gallery walk and showcase our government ideas

    Friday we will do class appreciations before heading off to break!

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  • Week of 12/9

    Posted by Tyler Marshall on 12/9/2019

    Monday we will work on our second body paragraphs of our persuasive essay (rubric and sample essay on google classroom)

    Tuesday we will write our counterclaims and write them.

    Slide 149-152 describe how to do a counter-claim, and Slide 155 describes how to do an intro, 156 shows some of the claims we used in class, and 157 shows how to do a conclusion!

    Wednesday we will work on strong introductions and write them.

    Thursday we will do a peer review, and the essay will be due Friday at the start of class

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  • Week of 12/2

    Posted by Tyler Marshall on 12/2/2019

    Monday we will welcome each other back and review the forms of government we studied before break (who had the power, what was positive and negative) with a gallery walk.

    Tuesday we will begin thinking about the essay we are going to write before winter break, which focuses on the question 

    "Which government best met the needs of the people at the time?"

    We will plan out which governments we want to write about in a graphic organizer

    Wednesday on our Early Release we will use our review videos to review what needs of the people the governments were meeting at the time:


    Roman Republic


    Roman Empire


    Feudal Japan


    Thursday we will finish reviewing the needs of the people and put that information into our graphic organizers.

    Friday we will have some time to begin typing our supporting paragraphs, after looking at a model essay and our rubric.


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  • Week of 11/18

    Posted by Tyler Marshall on 11/18/2019

    This week in social studies we will be researching governments across the world:

    Using Cornell notes and the textbook pages below, students will research either

      1. Roman Empire pgs 306, 308, 309, 326, 331
      2. Islamic Empires pgs 379, 380, 386, 387
      3. Feudal Japan pgs 562, 563, 566,
      4. Feudal Europe pgs 602, 603, 606, 607, 610     Additional notes are available here
      5. Students will share their findings on Tuesday, and on Wednesday we will compare these new forms of government to the terms we already learned (anarchy, democracy, monarchy, oligarchy and dictatorship) and get ready for our fishbowl discussion.
      6. Thursday and Friday we will have a Fishbowl discussion. Notes from the fishbowl are here if you were absent
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  • Week of 11/12

    Posted by Tyler Marshall on 11/12/2019

    Happy Veterans Day!


    Tuesday we will be doing our weekly challenge on the current events of impeachment. (Article available here)


    Wednesday we will take a mini-quiz on forms of government and compare which forms of government are MOST and LEAST SECURE, or MOST and LEAST EFFECIENT.


    Thursday and Friday students will go through a model of the Roman Republic and how historical governments met the needs of people at the time.

     Roman Republic Reading

    Students were given their essays back and can make revisions anytime for the rest of this week (by Friday November 15th)

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  • Week of 11/4

    Posted by Tyler Marshall on 11/4/2019

    This week we are wrapping up our Geography Unit with a all class discussion on our recommendations

    Monday students receive their preparation packet: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1PlqQ2OiVCJMpkbX5bwn6-DNh-4SqcR83C4GWc4j_ytg/edit?usp=sharing 

    Tuesday we will have the discussion in two groups during class and write recommendations.

    Wednesday we will be starting a new unit and get new seats!

    The new unit is on government, answering the essential questions

    What makes a system of government good?

    How has the idea of what makes government good changed over time?

    What factors influenced those changes?

    We will do an exercise where students can experience different forms of government in making a class decision.


    Thursday we will be comparing forms of government iCivics “Forms of Government” reading and worksheet

    and Friday we will do a mixer where we meet heads of different governments in different places around the world!

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  • Week of 10/29

    Posted by Tyler Marshall on 10/29/2019

    This week in social studies, students will be completing their essays on human's impacts on the environment.

    Students will receive support on designing paragraphs Tuesday, and do a Peer Review on Wednesday.


    All resources for the essay are posted on google classroom, including a rubric for the essay and graphic organizers to support students in their writing.


    Essays are due Wednesday night at 11:59 PM!

    Thursday and Friday we will look at examples of sustainability throughout history to prepare for the closing of our unit, where students get to make recommendations for their ideal society answering the question "how should humans be in relationship with the environment?"

    The resources for this assignment will be posted on Google Classroom.

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  • Week of 10/21

    Posted by Tyler Marshall on 10/20/2019

    Monday we will wrap up our climate trial by reviewing the jury's verdict and writing our own reflection.

    Tuesday we will begin gathering evidence for our essay using this document: 


    Wednesday students will create and share claims and evidence, and Thursday and Friday they will write the essay in class.

    Student's have access to all sources on my website and on the Google Classroom Assignment.


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