• Q3 Reading Goals: 900 pages or 3 books

    Posted by Tyler Marshall on 1/28/2020

    Quarter 3 Book Responses!
    For Quarter 3, we will be taking our book responses virtual!
    We will be using Padlet, which you can access at the attached link.

    You must post 3 book responses and recommendations by April 3rd.
    Students will follow the book response guideline linked here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1qZOGRU74VD4RBZ8CtMlnZvBONZW3Fw3omTvK5IH0AVc/edit?usp=sharing

    Book Responses should be around two paragraphs, include a detailed description of the book (with no spoilers!), your recommendation, and a photo of the book cover.


    Padlet link for Core 1-2:  https://padlet.com/tybeemarshall/ok6ikgdr1fc4


    Padlet link for Core 4-6:  https://padlet.com/tybeemarshall/bookswelove


    In class the first day of Quarter 3, we discussed the following goals/deadlines:

    Finish Book #1 By Feb 14th, Valentines Day (and post Padlet)

    Finish Book #2 by March 6th (and post Padlet)

    Finish Book #3 by April 3, end of Quarter 3 (and post Padlet)

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  • Meeting Q 2 Reading Goals!

    Posted by Tyler Marshall on 10/29/2019

    For Quarter 2 and beyond, we are increasing our goals for reading!

    Students will be graded on their journals, using the rubric - Journal rubric

    Students will also be expected to read 3 books Quarter 2, (or 900 pages). The bookmarks students are using to track their own reading goals - Reading Goals Bookmarks

    When finished with each book, students must complete a reading responses about their books.

    Students who read 3 books will receive a 5, 4 or more books will receive a 6 (extra credit)!!

    The reading response template is included here, students can use the template or create their own in their journal.

    Each week in class students will be given reading time on Monday and Tuesday, and are expected to bring their independent reading books to class each day.

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