• Week of 3/9

    Posted by Tyler Marshall on 3/9/2020

    Monday students will be preparing for the socratic seminar.

     If needed, students are able to access this copy of teacher notes.

    Tuesday during 1st-3rd, students will be touring the high school.

    4th-6th will continue preparing for the socratic seminar.


    Wednesday 1 and 2 will continue preparing for the seminar, 4 and 6 will do their socratic seminar.


    Thursday 1 and 2 will start their seminar, 4 and 6 will finish their seminars.


    Friday 1 and 2 will finish their seminar, 4 and 6 will start their non-linear narratives (instructions on google classroom)

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  • Week of 3/2

    Posted by Tyler Marshall on 3/2/2020

    Monday is a workshop day, for students to submit final revisions on their narratives.

    Students will receive Latin Roots 13 (quiz on Friday)

    Tuesday we will read pages 206-229, focused on if Caden is recovering or not.

    Wednesday we will read 230-264, focusing on how Caden's relationship to his doctor and other patients changes throughout his stay in the hospital.

    *This chapter contains a self-harm attempt by one of Caden's friends at the hospital*

    Thursday we will read 264-291, focusing on what the meaning of the Abysmal Serpent and Challenger Deep is.

    Friday we will finish the book and read an article about the author.

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  • Week of 2/24

    Posted by Tyler Marshall on 2/21/2020

    We will continue reading challenger.

    For notes you missed click here


    Monday's reading goal: pg 101 chapter 58


    Tuesday's reading goal: pg 129, chapter 74


    Wednesday's reading goal: read chapter 75 aloud, note connections between the two worlds, then continue through 152, ch 87


    Thursday's reading goal: 153-178, chapter 105


    Friday's goal: 179-205, ch 120

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  • Week of 2/17

    Posted by Tyler Marshall on 2/17/2020

    Monday= no school, President's Day


    Tuesday = Workshop Day to revise Narratives, students receive Latin Roots #12 which is due Friday

    Students will get feedback on their Narratives, Revisions are Due by Friday February 28th

    Latin Roots 12

    Wednesday= Start Reading Challenger Deep!

    Reading Goal: through page 34, Chapter 21
    **There will be a short quiz in class Thursday to make sure students are on top of this.
    Thursday's reading goal: Students get in response groups, CLOSE READ read through 41
    Friday's reading goal: pg 67, through chapter 37
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  • Week of 2/10

    Posted by Tyler Marshall on 2/10/2020

    Monday and Tuesday:

    Writing Time to finish Narrative


    Sharing Narrative in Small Groups

    Thursday and Friday:

    "Unreliable Narrator" Short stories in preparation for reading Challenger Deep

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  • Week of 2/3

    Posted by Tyler Marshall on 2/3/2020

    Monday 2/3:  Read chapters 57-64 and opening write (get ideas for narrative: see Mr Marshall in class if absent to copy notes)

    Tuesday 2/4: Finish Piecing Me Together! Chapters 65-76 and opening write  (get ideas for narrative: see Mr Marshall in class if absent to copy notes)

    Wednesday: No class- Career Day

    Thursday 2/6  Begin drafting narrative (rubric and instructions on Google classroom)

    Friday 2/7  Finish narrative draft

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  • Week of 1/28

    Posted by Tyler Marshall on 1/28/2020

    Monday is a grading day!


    Tuesday the 28th: Library/Workshop day, we will check in about our reading goals and how to use Padlet, where we are taking our reading responses online. I have linked it in the reading resource section for your convenience, please email me if you have any questions!

    Students receive Latin Roots 11, Quiz on Friday


    Wednesday: Read chapters 33-40, define microaggression: A microaggression is an assumption or discrimination against someone based on racism, classism, or religious/gender stereotypes.


    Thursday: Read chapters 41-48 and review microaggressions that Jade faces.


    Friday we will take Latin Roots #11 Quiz and read chapters 49-56

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  • Week of 1/21

    Posted by Tyler Marshall on 1/21/2020

    Happy Martin Luther King Day!

    Hopefully you were able to celebrate with your community and share some dreams for a better future!

    Tuesday we will be looking at some of the boundaries/borders Jade faces in our novel by comparing maps of Portland neighborhoods.

    The assignment is on google classroom for absent students.


    Wednesday we will read chapters 15-23 and take notes. Note taking guide

    Thursday we will read chapters 24-28 and do a note check.

    Friday we will read chapters 29-34 and take notes.

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  • Week of 1/13

    Posted by Tyler Marshall on 1/13/2020

    This week we are starting a new novel, Piecing Me Together!


    Monday is a workshop day, students will be reading their choice books, finishing reading responses, and will receive Latin Roots #10 (quiz on Friday)


    Tuesday we will get our books from the library and review the essential questions for the unit:

    How do we navigate and define boundaries in our lives?

    How do we utilize and access our own personal power?

    How do our varied identities affect our relationships?

    What is the relational impact of sympathy versus empathy?


    Wednesday we will set up notes and read chapters 1-3 (Early Release)

    A scanned example of notes 

    Thursday we will read chapters 6-10

    Friday we will chapter 11-14 and take our Latin Roots Quiz

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  • Happy New Year! Week of 1/6

    Posted by Tyler Marshall on 1/6/2020

    Happy New Year and (almost) New Unit!

    Monday= no school

    Tuesday = library trip, essays returned, and haiku for 2020! 

    Wednesday, Thursday and Friday we will be MAP testing. Students are encouraged to check their essay feedback on Google Classroom and make revisions when done with the MAP test, or work on their independent reading and book responses! (See "Reading Resources" page for materials)


    Revisions on the essay are due by January 17th (next Friday) so students have a clear sense of their final grade for Quarter 3.

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