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  • Great Beginning!

    Posted by Robert Hoisington on 9/4/2018

    I've really enjoyed getting to work with my classes...your kids!  We have been reviewing some math ideas and infusing it with a bit of 6th grade pre-algebra. We have also looked at number sense, distributive property and order of operations. This week we will take our first MAPS math test on Tuesday(today!). And yes, I'm very excited to teach a couple classes of social studies this year- we're already examining maps and thinking about how they are useful in our lives. It's going to be a great year!

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  • Happy New Year!!

    Posted by Robert Hoisington on 1/2/2018

    Hello Everyone, I hope you had a great break!  I love this time of the year- kids are full of energy, the math is sweet, and there seems to be a very positive vibe in 6th grade.  

    Just a few notes...the end of this quarter is January 26th, so please encourage your daughter or son to check their grades and talk to teachers if they need to make up work or if they need help with a class. Also, please check with your child if they need a new supply of pencils and math journals- I hear new ones are a a cut-rate price of $1.00 up in the office.

    Finally, I wish all of you a Happy New Year. May this year be full of growth and joy!

    Sincerely, Rob Hoisington

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  • Sign up for conferences!

    Posted by Robert Hoisington on 9/25/2017

    Hello All, I hope you are greeting the rain with open arms...and wet heads. Soccer, football, fall baseball, cross country....ah, man!

    Please take time to check which of your son or daughter's teacher is advisory. Then sign up for a 15 minute goal setting conference time on Wednesday afternoon October 11, or Thursday morning October 12. I hope to see all of you here.


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  • Welcome Everyone!

    Posted by Robert Hoisington on 8/31/2017

    Hello, students and families, welcome to 6th grade Doug Fir and pre-algebra! This week we've been helping kids get use to the big world of middle school! We have solved scheduling, locker, and other challenges.  Plus, Ms. Gilday and I got in some math this week!  We decided to present our math classes with open-ended math problems to generate discussion and problem-solving strategies. We may review math ideas that were presented last year that we will deepen and connect to this year. I look forward to reading each of my student's Mathography, their first homework assignment that is due on Wednesday. Please check my classwork/homework page to keep up to date. I'll try to keep a weekly or bi-weekly update of what we are learning as we go through this year.  Mathematically yours, Mr. Hoisington

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  • OAKS math testing week coming up: May 15-19

    Posted by Robert Hoisington on 4/27/2017

    Sorry I haven't been great about posting on this page with news.  We'll have two weeks (about 2 days a week) of OAKS math testing beginning the week of May 15th. 

    Also, for kids who miss a day or two of school, I'm happy to arrange office hours. I am available on Monday, Tuesday, or Friday mornings between 8:30 to 9:00 am. Please schedule with me before coming in.  My email is hoisingr@wlwv.k12.or.us

    Hope Outdoor School was fun for your son or daughter, and you are all well!

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  • MAPS testing this week!

    Posted by Robert Hoisington on 9/19/2016

    Happy end of summer!  We are conducting a MAPS math test at the beginning of this week. MAPS tests are given by the district 3 times a year. The test helps teachers understand what students know and what they're ready to be taught. 

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  • Welcome new 6th graders and families!

    Posted by Robert Hoisington on 8/30/2016
    Hello Parents, Students, and everyone excited about 6th grade (I know I am)!  As your student prepares for 6th grade, know that I am excited to be teaching kids about math. I hope to teach them how to think about math, be challenged by it, and how to love it! To me, math is far beyond memorizing facts, learning procedures and algorithms. Math is a creative and beautiful way to describe patterns in science, music, and the whole world. We'll be working to develop each student's mathematical mindset. We'll do this with interesting problems, class discussions, and challenging work that helps increase their math conceptual understanding and accuracy. See you all soon!
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  • Summer math work at Khan Academy!

    Posted by Robert Hoisington on 6/6/2014
    Some students and parents have asked me about work they can do to be ready for Algebra 1 next year. Whether in regular or accelerated math, the Khan Academy websites are all excellent for students to explore.  Check them out and after you watch the videos, try a few problems!
    Long multiplication and division:  Multiplication    and Division
    Thanks, Rob Hoisington
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  • Good to see everyone on Curriculum Night!

    Posted by Robert Hoisington on 9/24/2013
    It was so nice to see parents at our curriculum night! In a few weeks we will have a conference sign up on our Rosemont Ridge website.  I will meet all of my first period math student families for goal setting. I always sneak around to other rooms when I have time too.
    These last few weeks we have worked on the beginnings of algebraic thinking - multiples, factors, prime factorizations, and exponents. These are all the pieces students need to be introduced to algebra this year.  Much of the work involves students solving story problems that apply the math we've been learning to mathematical situations. These problems strengthen and deepen students' understanding of the math concepts.
    Soon my regular and accelerated classrooms will part ways for awhile.  Classes1 and 2 will review and deepen their understanding of partial numbers (fractions, percent, decimal operations and story problems). Classes 3 and 4 will begin an integer and rational number unit (partial and whole numbers that are positive and negative). Both groups of classes will again be asked to apply the math to story problems. They will explain their reasoning to extend their conceptual understanding as well as make connections to previously taught math.
    Please give your student time to work on their homework during these sports-filled afternoons and evenings. 20 minutes of math work really strengthens understanding. Also, please visit my homework page if an assignment is lost or needs to be printed because of an absence.
    I'm looking forward to more interesting math and math conversations with your great thinkers!  Thanks for your support. 
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