About Mr. Hoisington

  • I grew up in Seattle, Washington, Billings, Montana, and Battle Ground, Washington. My parents imbued in me a desire to dig deep holes, build anything, and create gigantic gardens of beauty and produce. I’ve always loved science and math, but somehow finished college with a degree in English Lit (and a lot of extra math and science!). I like playing my guitar anywhere, especially when kids are around.

    I began teaching  at Boeckman Creek Primary (Wilsonville) in 1995, and taught first through fifth grade for 14 years. During that time I found great joy in creating learning communities that challenge and encourage my students.

    At the same time I married and now have two kids, Rose (21...Go Ducks!) and Kevin (18...Go Vikings!). They like digging holes, too.

    Mr. Hoisington and his daughter Rose.  
    Here’s a picture of my latest hole: the foundation for a cob hut in our back yard. Most of the rock actually comes from the hole!  Cob is an ancient building material that uses subsoil (clay), sand, and straw to build very strong yet earth friendly structures. For more info about cob visit http://www.cobcottage.com/
    2014 progressCob mixture, ready to put on wall! Summer 2016 progress
     Almost done! The walls will be about 6.5 ft tall and I'll begin building a conical living roof soon.
     Roof Bones!
     Roof finished!  Now time to plant and finish wall and floor with an earthen plaster.
     Finished Cob House!
    Finished the cob house with living roof and dragon my daughter Rose made the dragon with extra cob and flour.