Week of 3/9

Posted by Tyler Marshall on 3/9/2020

Monday students will watch a short video on the economic impacts of slavery using TedEd video, and then split into groups to either revise the Economics Test or do extra credit


Tuesday students will begin preparing for their socratic seminar on the Congo, materials will be handed out in class and are all linked on google classroom as well!

    1. Congolese People
    2. Consumers of Rubber
    3. Global Market Economy
    4. Force Publique
    5. Colonial Administrators
    6. King Leopold II

Wednesday will be our socratic seminar! (this is formative, not summative)


Thursday we will do a practice performance task, where students must use all the pieces of evidence from the Congo to prove who or what was MOST responsible for the tragedies there.


Friday we will look at the congo today and the valuable resources in the Democratic Republic of the Congo: 

 CBS News Coverage of Child Mining in Democratic Republic of Congo and a follow up story too