Happy New Year! Week of 1/6

Posted by Tyler Marshall on 1/6/2020

Welcome to a New Year and a New Unit!


We are starting to explore World Religions, looking specifically at the question of "What is the function of religion in societies across the world? What moral codes or lessons do religions teach?"

Monday= no school

Tuesday we will do our weekly challenge with a childhood story, Jack and the Beanstalk, where students will identify some of the moral codes or lessons that fables teach children. We will note down 3 lessons learned or behaviors that Jack engages in that are rewarded in this story, and summarize the lesson that Jack and the Beanstalk Teaches. 


Wednesday we will talk about our classroom culture for studying religion, since it is a deeply personal topic and many religions have multiple interpretations. We will also do a Gallery Walk to develop questions about the role religion might play in society. 


Thursday we will read about Christianity in our World History Textbook (pages 318-321) and practice our Cornell note strategy, looking specifically for values or morals this religion teaches and ways it helps society. 


Friday we will jigsaw the 4 other major world religions (Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Judaism) and students will explore the morals or values these religions teach and their role in society.

The readings are on World Book Encyclopedia, which can only be accessed through our school library website.

Students will be assigned either Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism or Judaism and will take Cornell notes using the model from Thursday. An electronic copy of the Cornell note guide (with teacher notes) is available - Cornell Note Guide