Grading Information

  • 2018-2019 Wellness Assessment
    Wellness assessment encompasses three main areas; daily habits, class units and health assignments/projects.

    Daily Habits (5 points can be earned/lost each day)
    Dressing Down =2 points:  I can come to class prepared, wearing my wellness uniform, daily.*
    Staying on Task = 1 point:  I can demonstrate consistent effort towards skill attainment.
    Cooperative = 1 point:  I can demonstrate responsible personal and social behavior.
    Fitness = 1 point: I can demonstrate skills to improve my physical fitness.
    *Wellness Uniform = Rosemont Wellness shirt, athletic shorts or pants and athletic shoes.

    Class Units/Sport Education/Learning Targets
    Our wellness program utilizes the Sport Education teaching model. Sport Education units are designed to be age appropriate. They also utilize the positive aspects of team that create confident, competent and physically active students. We have designed units to create a learning environment that allows students of all physical levels to gain confidence. They also acquire knowledge and social appreciation that are directly linked to sports experiences. Our learning targets will focus on techniques, tactics and teamwork. Below is our fair play code of conduct that students will be expected to follow during Wellness class.

    We agree to:

    • Respect our teammates, classmates and teachers.
    • Practice and work our hardest to be a good team player.
    • Have a positive attitude and encourage others.
    • Perform duties responsibly.
    • Work at achieving our personal best.
    • Play fairly at all times by knowing class and game rules.
    • Play with good sportsmanship.

    Health assignments will be graded on accuracy and completion, and these points will be added to students’ overall wellness grades.

    Grading    100-90% = A,    89-80% = B,    79-70% = C,    69-0% = NYM (Not Yet Met)
    Students will be able to access their grades online. Our goal is to update grades every two weeks.