• 7th Grade Mathematics & Accelerated Algebra

    Mr. Patrick Sweeney



    What to Bring Every Day

    Pencils, calculator, math journal (with graph paper), protractor, ruler, textbook 


     Homework, Quizzes, Tests

    •         Homework will be assigned Homework will normally be due the following day and should take about 15 min. to complete if you understand the concept and you’re working diligently.
    •         You will need to keep notes and homework in a math journal (with graph paper).  These are available for purchase from the school for $1.00.
    •         Please revise quizzes, tests and projects if necessary. You will have to schedule a time with me to do this.
    •         Tests can only be revised if you earn less than a 3. You should have all homework and reviews completed before you revise a test.



    6=Exceptional (100 or higher%)
    5=Accomplished (90-99%)
    4=Sufficient (80-89%)
    3=Developing (70-79%)
    2=Not Yet Met (69% or lower)

            If you are absent, please check my website.



    The 7th grade curriculum consists of pre-algebra, some geometry, and beginning algebra concepts.  These students will take a full algebra course in the 8th grade.  The students will be working toward meeting the 7th grade Common Core Standards for skills and mathematical practices. 

    The 7th grade accelerated classes will cover the 8th grade algebra curriculum.  These students should then be ready for geometry as 8th graders.  The students will be working toward meeting the 8th grade Common Core Standards for skills and mathematical practices.


    Office Hours and Procedures for Retakes and Grade Conferences:

    • Every end of the unit (about every month during regular class) there will be time for assignment makeups, quiz and test retakes, returning graded assignments, independent reviewing of content videos and if needed, the reteaching of math content.

    • I’m available for general questions, reteaching or quiz/test makeups by in-person communication or email appointment before school, after school or during 7th-grade lunch on Fridays.

    • Every Thursday our school has an organized study hall set up for referring students needing to makeup missing assignments or retake work.


    Please contact me by phone or email if you need extra math help or have any questions or concerns.       503-673-7550